What if it IS all Clint?

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     Lawrence Meyers 

    While amusing myself reading early posts (where did @lasalle and her funny pictures go?), something struck me.
    We never really explored the idea that the grand puppet master might be Clint.

    What struck me — after all that’s happened — was the “Shadow Larry” post:


    This is obviously Clint. He knew I was working on my play. And I had mentioned “ouroboros” to him in our very first phone call sometime in January. I didn’t know the term until a friend used it. I have no freakin’ clue if Ouroboros was something they’d already been working with, or if our discussion sparked the idea. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that he referenced it in the post — something we had discussed.

    But also relevant is the last few lines, and I don’t know how I missed this at the time.

    “Call your doctor – call your shrink
    Western science she strictly rinkydink“

    FFS, that’s from a Steely Dan tune, the title track to “Two Against Nature” and Clint knew I’m a big fan.

    The German phrase after this remains a mystery, though.
    “Das kommt mir seltsam vor” means “That seems strange to me”.

    So that suggests ALL the shadow posts were Clint.

    Another oddball moment. When we entered The System event on Skid Row, the music playing as we entered was something called “The Conversation” by Pearl Django.

    Has anyone ever heard this song? If it’s fairly popular, then I imagine it was coincidence.
    It also happens to be the music in a short film I did on the fragrance industry, which Clint also knew about.
    Was that a nod, a code, a hint?

    This stuff, plus the weirdness with Stephanie sending a letter back to Clint; how he tried to warn Bryan to step away; the whole leaked phone call stuff; that DLB was paranoid about Clint being behind this.


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    This is all looks so damning in retrospect, @larry, and I just don’t want to believe it’s true. Clint remaining somewhat on the sidelines through much of the shitstorm that’s been brewing has been like a breath of fresh air. Like, if he can remove himself and lead a somewhat normal life, maybe so can we? What we see from him online seems to be the posts of a genuine, happy guy. A kindred spirit in his search for the tastiest snacks, and of course, such a fan of those smol dogs. If your accusations were ultimately true, I for one would be crushed.

    Perhaps the simplest explanation is that all of this evidence is somewhat old? Maybe he was ‘in’ on it until he wasn’t. (Or maybe he was ‘out’ until he was ‘in?’) He’s seemingly been with us on this journey of discovering the truth behind Mason. It’s hard to believe he was playing dumb to keep everyone in the dark.

    All I know is, I really want you to be wrong here.

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    To be honest, anything could happen or be revealed and I would be surprised by all of it.

    (On a more serious note, Clint and Gordon both deserve more kudos and recognition for everything they do. I feel like we forget about them sometimes. Thanks for making this post Larry.)

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    I have thought for a bit now that it might be Clint and Gordon.

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    Though, hang on – if it’s Clint, then what was up with his hidden message to @bcbishop way way back in the beginning? “Walk the fuck away” or whatever it was? Was that just a warning specifically to Bryan as a friend because he knew what was coming?

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