Tom, Horace, and the Investors: understanding sides

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    As more players continue to populate this world, their motivations are becoming clearer but the factions are growing murkier. After today ARE we still dealing with two factions? Where is the overlap? What evidence do we have that supports the factions and what contradicts them? I think this is worth talking out.

    Horace: an early player in Tension. Now in control of the System. He has spoken about having “Investors” and an awareness of “The Lust Experience.” Favors the head over the heart. Connected to the foreign man @taysavestheday spoke to. Appears to be against iConfidant. Connected to Noah, Sarah, Otis, and the fate of @confuseddude. Was seen during the cult ritual. Believes in, we assumed, the old ways of worshipping Anoch. “His” papers were at the registration warehouse and Noah and @meghanmayhem stole them.

    Tom: another early player in Tension. A scientist, he was the creator of the helmet mind control technology. iConfidant was part of his plan and worked to get people involved. Connected to Sabrina, Jacob, Kristen. Also believes in, according to him, the old ways of worshipping Anoch. He and his group seem to share a similar viewpoint to Nicole from registration: they hold a longstanding connection to Anoch and do not approve of the watered down version. Stacey and Kristen have mentioned “Investors” in relation to iConfidant, and we can safely assume Tom knows who that is.

    So, are Horace and Tom against each other or on the same side? Why did the Sinclair family not want us to be a part of iConfidant? Tom and Horace are both old school OSDM members who claim who seem to dislike how Anoch has been portrayed recently. But are they each blaming each other, or united against something else? What is the significance of Kristen saying Stacey treated her like “a 2,” echoing Otis’ words? Are we supposed to assume Sabrina was the smaller hooded figure in the ritual photo because she wore a black cloak today? Why would Sabrina be with Horace if she WAS iConfidant and he tried to get people to quit? Was the Sinclairs going against iConfidant just theatre the way Kristen’s live broadcast was? If so, where were they today? If not, where is the basis for this schism? Are there more than one set of Investors? Are the same Investors backing different horses to see who wins out? Do the Investors care about Anoch? Which faction is the one putting pressure on Darren, or is that conflict above this? What is the difference between these two sides?

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     Taylor Winters 

    You ask a lot of interesting questions @macbethinabathtub. Sadly, I don’t think we have answers to most of those yet. Chapter One was focused on The System. We got to know Noah and Sarah, their dysfunction, but also their triumphs. We saw Sarah’s calculating cold side, but also her humanity. Nothing was as cut and dry as it seemed. Chapter Two let us learn more about iConfidant. We saw Stacey and Kristen and the heart that filled our confidant(s). We looked inside ourselves and shared our secrets, our desires, our hopes, and our dreams. But there was also a calculating darkness working behind the scenes. Again, nothing was clear or simple. I forecast that Chapter Three will have us choosing: Head or Heart? The System or iConfidant? And those unwilling to choose one will be left in the middle, following an unclear path not dictated by either side. But those that are willing to cut one aspect from their life and fully embrace their head–or their heart–these people will learn more of the forces behind the curtain. Whether it’s, as you speculate, Horace for The System with his “old” approach or Tom and Sabrina for iConfidant with a “new” technologically friendly approach. Here’s looking forward to Chapter 3 and what we learn and how we use that information to make better decisions.

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    Prelude was about Sinclairs, Chapter One was about iConfidant.

    What could Chapter 3 be about?

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     Taylor Winters 

    This is what I get for writing at so late. Yes, the prologue is about the Sinclairs and the head while chapter 1 focused on iconfidant and the heart. My intuition would tell me that these were specifically designed to let us experience both head and heart and to see where our interests and desires lie. How can you know truly until you’ve experienced both, right?

    Now chapter two will open up the opportunity to align ourselves with one or the other (or neither). We’ve seen hints of a fractured community already, starting back with the winner and loser emails. I can see forces opposing each other, and a third force looking for a balance between the two.

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     Brad Ruwe 

    I get the feeling we’re about to learn more about the investors. We still have a lot of loose ends from Registration. My call from Tina awhile back seemed to hint at something more going on, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she pops up again at some point soon. We still need to learn what the “floaty” place was.

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    Fascinating theory there @taysavestheday.

    It’s actually a fun way of figuring out where a persons allegiances lay.

    Stacey obviously heart, The Investors definitely the mind.

    You had to choose yourself to follow your cold logical side or your heart.

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    I’ve always felt there’s another though, besides head and heart. I don’t know what it’s called but I think that’s where “lust” truly lives for me – the thing that you want that is neither logical nor emotional, but are driven towards anyway. Maybe that’s an entirely different thing that doesn’t have a place in this narrative at all. But while I’m firmly aligned with heart and emotion, I have one foot in that place, ready to bail the second it’s named and offered.

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    I so wish I lived in the ‘states!

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