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     Bryan Bishop 

    Now that people are getting calls and emails, I thought it would probably be a good idea to start a running tally of characters we’ve interacted with thus far. There’s no great way to keep a constantly-updated list going in the forums themselves, so I threw together this Google Doc instead.

    LUST Experience Character List

    Right now permissions are set to view-only so our various Shadow Clints and Shadow Larrys don’t cause any mischief, but I’ll be keeping this updated as more interactions occur. (I already need to add @immortalconqueror’s call, which seems to indicate that the first Female Mystery Caller is in fact Sarah Sinclair, but that’s what living documents are for.)

    I’ll post updates to this thread which things are updated. If anybody else wants to help in maintaining this list (or has better ideas for organizing this information), please give a holler!

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     Bryan Bishop 

    test response

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    Dun dun duuuuunnnnn

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     Bryan Bishop 

    No mystery @hazelverse – I was trying to test if I could fake a live-updated post situation. And I couldn’t. So now there’s a lame test post in the #2 slot. Whoops.

    So, uh, if any Mods or Shadow Characters want to delete that, please do. 🙂

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    Good call. I had a complete conversation in the forum with a shadow, acting as though I didn’t know better… but when we know it is a shadow should we acknowledge such a thing?

    After my interaction has stewed a couple hours, there are two things I was made sure to understand:
    1) Noah Sinclair is a brand. Sarah specifically said “Noah Sinclair a brand. Noah Sinclair is OUR brand.”
    2) Sometimes people look like people, exactly like the person, where we may think it is them. But it is not them. ( My theory is that this is in regards to the conversation about what I knew about Noah – – being that I saw him with my own two eyes in the OOA institute with Samson and believe he is responsible for what happened at the compound.)

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    How did I miss the creation of @larry-meyers and why is that profile still up? @larry did you notice it right away?

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     Lawrence Meyers 

    @lilmsfancpants It appeared yesterday, following the post of my over-indulgent theory. I was alerted to it by The One.

    Why is it still up?

    Deception. Treachery. The OSDM bows at the altar of Dolos!

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    Any of you ever recorded the phone calls with an app? I’m thinking about downloading and familiarizing myself with such an app – – just in case I get any calls again in the future. I promise not to let my shadow alter the footage! 🙂

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    I have an old school voice recorder that I use to record convos… not as techie but works as well.

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     Bryan Bishop 

    Updated with @lilmsfancpants‘s Mystery Caller from last night and the latest shadow accounts.

    LUST Character List

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     Lawrence Meyers 

    If you had told me ten years ago that this would be a post on a forum that was taken with a degree of utmost seriousness, I would have driven you to the nearest psychiatric ward.

    @larry-meyers (doppelganger of @larry)
    -Appeared on forums to mock @larry’s “Shadow” theory.

    Instead, I’m on my way there myself. Somewhere, my late college film criticism professor who moonlighted as a Jungian analyst is smiling….

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     Bryan Bishop 

    “We’re through the looking glass here, @larry. White is black — and black is white. Maybe Sears and Bousman are just what they said they were: patsies.”

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