Slack deletions from @a – Oct 16, 2017 4:08pm PDT

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    For those not following along on Slack (or the archives at this point, really):

    Following @kortneydarling ’s call with Andy, @111error hopped on Slack and asked her to record audio, or periscope, or film, or do anything else appropriate to make the topic of conversation available easily, clearly, and quickly after their meeting wrapped.

    There was a little back and forth on consent to being recorded. To which he came back with:

    *111error* /Oct 16, 2017 16:08/
    Why the fuck would you ask permission to film or Periscope? This isn’t a phone call. For your safety, for the information to reach everyone immediately, and for a dozen other never silent reasons, broadcast that shit

    *nothenrygale* /Oct 16, 2017 16:09/
    I know the laws about recording phone calls in California, are there any laws about in-person encounters?
    it’s a public place most likely, right?
    I’m (no surprise here) with Morgan on this one. I’d record this.

    *111error* /Oct 16, 2017 16:09/
    You could just use voice memo on your phone, don’t even let him know you’re recording
    Seriously, FUCK these people and their games
    We want to get to the bottom of it
    Let’s change the rules. Hide the recorder, don’t let him know you’re recording.

    *lilmsfancpants* /Oct 16, 2017 16:11/
    Morgan, what people exactly?

    *111error* /Oct 16, 2017 16:11/
    And all the people and appreciations created for it

    *chelsea* /Oct 16, 2017 16:12/
    (Is this were A starts deleting Morgan?)

    And that was where @a started deleting Morgan and everyone else talking about “the people.”

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