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     Brad Ruwe 

    Not sure about you guys, but having the word “LUST” big at the top of the site might gets some odd looks from coworkers if I want to check the forum while in the office. Any ideas of how to check up on the forums in a more… discreet way?

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     Meghan Mayhem 


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    Same way you sneak porn at work? You kick Jenny from accounting out of the coffee room and tell her to mind her own business for once.

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      This has been Vital Information with Buzzie Buzzzz DenBerg

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     Brad Ruwe 

    Good suggestion Meghan! Def will give that a shot. Though then we have a problem of “Why is Brad on his phone so much?” hahaha. Oh well, if I have to explain what the hell Lust is to coworkers, so be it.

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     Meghan Mayhem 

    Just keep muttering to yourself every once in a while “I’m just waiting for the results…waiting for the results…” They’ll stop asking.

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     Bryan Bishop 

    If anyone’s interested in staying up to date via RSS instead (pretty great for the Activity feed here), it looks it’s active as well: http://thelustexperience.com/activity/feed/

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     Brad Ruwe 

    @thegilded That’s perfect! Thank you very much!

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     Kyle Bown 

    Just make sure your desk faces a wall. I always make sure my desk is that way. Bonus, you can always see the exits that way too. Never know who might be trying to sneak up on you.

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     Christine Barger 

    You could make a creative FRAME out of construction paper and tape it up around your computer. Say it was a gift from your Gf or niece. Just make sure its wide enough to cover the part of your screen that says lust.

    OR just stick a reminder Post It Note over the word lust and nobody will notice it. Make it a note like Call Dr. back about rash so nobody asks you about it.


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