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    Since “Elizabeth” reached out to @mamatato last night, we’ve been discussing on slack what she said about actors being given different names and people to be and some going so far that they even forget who they once were.

    This poses the question..is Noah real? Is Horace real? And all the underlings are the brainwashed being used as pawns or is Noah himself Levi under some intense Sabrina/Addison helmet business? Are the puppet masters Horace and the OSDM or are they themselves also brainwashed puppets??

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    I recall an antecdote from @mike about Noah having a moment with him during Ascensiom but I’m having trouble with the details. Anyone remember this?

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     Brad Ruwe 

    I should point out the name Levi came out of the Tension Experience book. It was brought up that Noah’s in there, with his actor being listed as a person named Levi.

    The audio we got last night made mention that the ceremony would make them family. Is Horace creating a new family of his own through these rituals? Did he create a son from Levi?

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     Hannah Schenck 

    So glad you are brining this topic up for discussion. I think we all have ben chatting here and there about this possibility, but last night solidifed it. “Elizabeth” mentioned that the actors or as I think we should call them “puppets”, are given several different names, in order to play the character needed to interact best with us individally. She mentioned Janice and Andy’s mom (I keep forgetting her name ??‍♀️) and said that they are not who they say they are, in fact, they may not even remember who their true selves are.

    Does this mean that Andy is not really Andy? Is Sarah Sinclair really her name? Has she been made to play other characters as well?

    We should apply this questioning to most characters we have come in contact with… this is good stuff @pandace88!

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     Hannah Schenck 

    @thebuz I don’t recall specifics so maybe someone else can help, but I remember him saying that Noah was crying with him in the box…?

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    @daela reminded us of some things @confuseddude said about Noah a while ago and being that we now know Andy was IG all along, we should take these things into consideration now. I know @nothenrygale had been suspicious of Noah actually being Levi all along and it kept getting brushed off. Now I’m not so sure ?

    the quotes Lauren posted in slack from Andy:

    “Holy shit… i’m back at the same place I went earlier this week… Noah sinclair or Levi is here again.”

    He also said in an earlier post, “HOWEVER, I don’t think it was Noah NOAH. It was the dude who plays Noah – and I am pretty sure this was just a random encounter – he was in jeans, and a t-shirt…”

    Great memory Lauren!!

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    @winstonsmith brought up a point in Slack about Levi being to Noah what Sabrina is to Addison.

    A created mind controlled person if you will. I’ll let him eleborate.

    I, however, have a different take.

    He’s more like Batman and Bruce Wayne in the sense that Yes Batman’s real name is Bruce Wayne… like Noah is Levi… but we all know Bruce Wayne isn’t real. He’s fucking Batman 100% of the time. In his head he doesn’t think with Bruce’s voice but with Batman’s.

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     Winston Smith 

    @thebuz That all makes a lot of sense.

    I guess the question for me would be whether he was born as Levi, but grow into being Noah, or whether Noah is the personality that was implanted in Levi’s body.

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    I should point out the name Levi came out of the Tension Experience book. It was brought up that Noah’s in there, with his actor being listed as a person named Levi.

    The Tension Experience book is definitely OSDM sponsored given what they’ve redacted from it. The name Levi could have been dropped in there to throw people off the trail, almost like a reverse Sabrina situation. Noah is actually Noah and Levi is the fake persona. IF OSDM wants to sow doubt, making one of their own into an “actor” when we know they use real actors already would be an extremely effective tactic.

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     Brad Ruwe 

    @kevin Absolutely a possibility. With the OSDM redactions in the book it’s clearly something they WANT us to see. It could very well be them flaunting our ignorance though. When I brought this up shortly after the book release party, it got pretty quickly shut down. It’s been laying there right under our noses this entire time and it was never a focus.

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     Lawrence Meyers 

    @thebuz @mike told me of 3 encounters with Noah — or rather two, because I was in the processing room with him for one. This was my 3rd visit and his second. After seeing Sabrina get helmeted by Samson, we were brought to the Processing Room and sat down by one of the desks. Noah — then known as Suit Guy — came in and shouted at Samson that all their data was useless because of “them!”, and pointed to me and Mike.

    Then Sabrina was brought in, and was, “Hi, I’m Sabrina”. Mike handed her a picture of the Cat Bear and she started to cry. That’s when they dragged in Tom Barrow (pulled from the car trunk) and he begged Sabrina to remember who he was, but she wasn’t having it.

    Mike and I were then separated. I got tossed out and had the parking lot scene with Sam. Mike saw Noah twice more, but I don’t know when these occurred. He hauled Mike to the bathtub area, had him strip completely, climb into the bloodbath with dead naked Sam, and poured blood all over him. On another occasion, Noah got into the TV box room with Mike and started crying.

    That’s all I got. @mike obviously is the primary source on this.

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     Lawrence Meyers 

    @mike has reached out from the ether to correct me.

    “Sam wasn’t the dead girl ? I think it was Erika, but I don’t remember”

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    @thebuz YES. Batman is who he really is, it’s Bruce Wayne that’s the costume.

    @winstonsmith & @kevin…I think y’all are onto something here. Clearly things aren’t what they seem, but which way are we being misdirected??? and why??

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