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    To shake the tree and see what falls: I emailed Stacy with shock and disappointment to the possibility of someone reading off Iconfidant confessions.


    Very interesting! The ring, I think we’ll see that again. The 2 and the 10, significance with those specific numbers? There was also a movie playing in the background (along with the painting). The king is someone who we don’t know about?? Makes me Rethink some of the minor players, maybe the son Timothy? Probably not one of the women. And Otis got scary at the end… why?


    • Two of diamonds (on bottom, good people)
    • Ten of Spades (on bottom, shitty people)
    • King of clovers (on top but needs our help to be on top?)
    • Ace of Hearts (?)

    He ripped the two and spade.

    One of each suit.
    Spades are masculine (Noah?).
    Clovers are Devine triads, the three fold aspect of life as body, soul and spirit. In Christianity they are a emblem of St Patrick.
    Diamonds are light, life, the sun, duribility, incorruptibility, invincible constancy, sincerity, and innocent. (The opposite of what they’d want)
    And hearts have a shit ton of things behind them. But in the Christian world they represent love, understanding, courage, joy and sorrow. Different ways of showing the heart represents different saints.

    One- the beginning, the creator. He first mover, the sum of all possibilities. The principle which gives rise to duality and thence to multiplicity and back to final unity.

    Two- duality. Diversity, the rooted, balanced, stability, desire. Christian meaning is Christ with two natures- as god and as man.

    Ten- the paradigm of creation. It contains all numbers and therefore all things and all possibilities. It is all- inclusive. Law, order, dominion. (Mentioned lawyers right?) in Christianity there are Ten Commandments of the Decalogue.

    King – the masculine principle, sovereignty – temporal power.

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    Was able to watch a replay from facebook but it looks like Otis is deactivated again.


    @kortneydarling Going with your suit line of thinking, it’s no coincidence the final card we were shown was a heart. Everything we’ve seen has indicated having to either choose one or the other or use both, so Otis ranks heart the highest. Which is actually a bit odd because last we saw him he was with Horace who seems to value the head and mind more than anything else.

     Lauren Bello 

    Random note: the song in the background was called “Eclipse” – by Helen Jane Long.


    When his account became active, I fb messaged him, which was seen, not responded to. And three second later the video began. Now like @jacksonpolyp says, his account is deactivated again.


    Thank you for the video @thebuz ; incredibly helpful.

    If anyone recognizes the painting please let us know. That’s something that would be really difficult to find out what it is

     Andrew Kasch 

    These guys sure love playing classical music in the background.

    Always had a sneaking suspicion Otis would turn out to be evil. I have absolutely no doubt he is referring to iConfidant and Anoch. These guys have been playing us like fiddles since the very beginning.


    I’m not suggesting anyone be public about this (because it’s sensitive info) but we have the ability to prove that these are the iC emails. He listed multiple examples- if they match anyone’s conversations we can confirm they are iC.

    But like I said, I’m thinking they’re not.


    @kortneydarling, yeah it seems like he gets up to show us a clear view of painting and movie playing (a little hard to see in the recording though).


    Maybe the 2 and 10, is like a mockery of the ‘hot or not’ scale society imposes on people. But in Otis’s speech, they all go to the bottom anyways.

    But sure in a 52 card deck: There are 4 kings. 4 queens. 4 aces. 4 jacks, equalling 16 special cards.
    But left over, there are still 36 generic number cards. There’s more us than there is them. That’s power, still.

    Personally, I don’t think he was alone in the video, like his stare offs and interruptions seem pretty evident of a silent second party presense.

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    @kortneydarling, good thinking! The kid one struck me, but my kids are 3 and 6, so it’s a little early for me to say they won’t amount to anything! Lol. There are a few other mothers on here though…


    @thebuz already posted this (complete with delightful color commentary) but in case anyone wants another angle for comparison, here you go. (Apologies for all the pop up notifications)

     Buz Wallick 


    I don’t think I’ve opened up to my iConfidant about any of the things Otis referenced but they definitely know one of those things about me from Tension.

    (The one I commented on being 90% of us.)

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