OSDM Calls from Steph 11/6

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      I received a call tonight from a woman that identified herself as Steph from OSDM. I’ve never spoke with “our” Steph on the phone before and phones do weird things to voices, but this sounded like a different person. At some points, I heard faint whispers of classical music, very similar to the early Sinclair Periscope videos.
      Steph was jovial and giggled a lot, and revealed that her reason for calling was to find out about the person that I bought mid-season event tickets for (@winstonsmith).
      She asked for his name (she noted immediately that he has attended before), email address, phone number, and any additional information that I thought the OSDM should know about him. I hesitated and laughed, she laughed with me and asked if it was difficult because he was in the room. I confirmed, but also noted that this was an important question that deserved further reflection and asked if I could think about it. Steph agreed and said that anything important can be sent to info@thelustexperience.com
      She then said that she looked forward to seeing us and wished us a good evening. I wished her the same, while we both giggled.

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       Meghan Mayhem

      “Oh yes, hello. OSDM? I just recalled some important information for your records. Yes, are you ready? Ok…”

      *fart noises*

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      I had a similar call and was asked if my guest has ever been to an event like this one. I could only think “I don’t have a clue what this event actually is so it’s hard to answer!” but since she had been to Tension/Lust events in the past I just said “yes”.

      Oh yeah she also asked for my guest’s SSN.

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      This might, heavy emphasis on might, be “our” Steph officially making calls for the OSDM. They are definitely gathering info early. We are still a whole month and change out.

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      The woman I spoke to went by Dianne (Dianna?), but asked me much the same questions. She asked who I was taking and when I told her, I asked if I needed to spell out the name. She chuckled and mentioned that wasn’t necessary and that she already knew how to spell it. I guess I shouldn’t be altogether surprised about that.

      She was extremely cordial and waited as I pulled up usernames and such, and was patient and kind. She was arguably the most professional entity that I’ve interacted with within the OSDM

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      So all three calls were for people who purchased tickets for other people? I bought an extra for a friend and very half-assedly filled in her answers. I guess my answers were sufficient?

      On one hand, I’m glad that they’re taking the time to get to know as many people in there as possible. On the other hand, they DEFINITELY don’t need your wife’s SSN, @shaun… No good can come of that.

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      Just adding my call. No Caller ID, around 10 pm, nice woman who introduced herself as Steph from the OSDM. Echoy classical music in the background and sounded like I was being recorded or possibly on speaker phone. She asked about my guest and had me spell his info repeatedly. She asked how we met and what he did for a living… Then at the end she politely asked for his social security number.

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       Unseen Presence

      Here’s my call, also about a +1.

      Call came in 9:21 PM. Woman identified herself as “S (something)” from “(something)” — I was at an improv group meeting like every Monday and literally couldn’t hear her over the people in the group doing whatever game it was. So I leaped outside and asked her to repeat.

      She said she was from The Lust Experience and wanted to get the information about my +1. She asked for name, phone number, email address. Then she asked for any other information that I thought was important. I told her that I knew they’d asked questions on the ticket page and that while I -could- answer pretty well, as my +1 is my roommate, it was better if she just contacted her directly.

      She said she would do so and that was for the most part that.

      Specific notes, however:

      I asked her if she would repeat her name at one point and she said it was “Stef. S-T-E-F.” Spelled it out.
      She was incredibly upbeat and giggly. I wondered if that was something I would have/should have known about.
      She was excited that both my roommate and I have easy email addresses.
      Given everything else going on, I was actually shocked at how “happy” she seemed.

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      I wouldn’t be too shocked @unseenpresence at the happiness.. we did sign up for a “celebration of life, love and harmony” after all!

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         Unseen Presence

        True enough. But I came out of the quiet just in time for all the paranoia, distrust, chaos of the past two weeks. As such, it was just surprising that she was as chipper and genial and happy as she was. We joked around about email addresses, about the forums a little bit. It was just surprisingly UP. That’s all.

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      Got a call this evening, adding to this thread.

      Here is the call transcript in verbatim:

      Me: Hello?
      Caller/Steph/Stef: Hello is Melissa available?
      Me: Speaking
      Caller/Steph/Stef: Hi this is Stef calling on behalf of the OSDM. I just wanted to thank you for joining us on our upcoming event. Um I think I everyone will walk away with a new understanding and appreciation. I see you purchased more than one ticket, thank you for your generosity. I will need your guest information…their name, phone number and email. Do you have that on you right now?
      Me: not on me immediately but is there an e-mail I can send that over to?
      Steph/Stef: yes you can send that over to info@thelustexperience.com
      Me: I’ll do that right now
      Steph/Stef: you’re wonderful thank you
      Me: thank you!
      Steph/Stef: bye bye
      Me: bye

      it’s notable that I sent over the recording of this call to Larry, per his request. @larry says that this is not Steph/Stef. Similar voice, but not her.

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       Lawrence Meyers

      HOLD THE PHONE. Literally. I was wrong.

      It IS our Steph.

      I first listened to the recording on my cel phone in a crowded auditorium. I just downloaded into Garage Band and filtered out the noise.

      No question. It IS her.

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       Bryan Bishop


      It IS our Steph.

      Interesting. So this seems to pull together a few threads, no?

      1. Stephanie Hyden claimed to be helping Gordon Bijelonic at the 5.1 Registration Event with the Investors.

      2. Stephanie was at the Briarberg event on 9.7, during which Mason and Morgan had their (presumably staged?) exchange.

      3. The Part Two video showed that Mason, Michelle, Joyce, and Noah have all been working together.

      4. Stephanie is now making calls on behalf of OSDM to sort logistics for the MSE.

      Connect all the dots, and it leads to the conclusion that this entire thing thus far as been a concerted effort on the part of these different individuals to prepare us for the Mid-Season Event. No switching sides, murders, or double-crossing; that’s been an illusion designed to get us fired up and engaged (pretty much as Joyce described). Instead, we’re looking at a very systematic and methodical approach to emotionally engaging every single person here. But that still leaves me with one outstanding question.

      Before touting herself as an OSDM rep, Stephanie previously said she was doing a favor for Gordon, and then was a member of Briarberg. All of that has been shared publicly, so the idea that she’s a double agent of any sort doesn’t really seem credible to me. But if these other allegiances have simply been roles donned for specific moments, then it stands to reason that “OSDM rep” could simply be a role as well.

      Take that, and pair it with the fact that we’re supposedly all going to OSDM HQ in December despite knowing this isn’t a permanent location (and therefore not really OSDM HQ), and we’ve really got to question whether our friendly neighborhood boogeyman OSDM is even real at all.

      So… who the hell is actually pulling the strings here?

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        So… who the hell is actually pulling the strings here?

        The “they” to whom @mike keeps referring?

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