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     Robert Fuller 

    So, @julierei mentioned on Slack that she called the 424 number and got a call back immediately. She heard giggling and a man’s voice and asked if it was Mason. He didn’t answer, he just said her name and some other words and then hung up.

    So, I tried calling, and it didn’t even go to the voicemail. Someone picked up, but didn’t say anything at first. I said, “Hello?” and a male voice said “Hello.” I asked who it was, and he said I called him. I was pretty sure it was Mason, and so I asked if it was him. He didn’t respond, so I said hello again. He said yes, and I asked again if it was Mason. He said yes. Then he said that my questions were boring him. I said something stupid like “So, what’s up?” and he hung up.

    He then called back immediately and said, “Maybe you should stop calling this number.” I said, “Okay, good to know.” He said, “You have no idea.” And he hung up.

    Then, as I was writing this, he called me again, this time from a no caller ID number. He said, “Do you know what I do?”

    “What?” I said.

    “I read. I’m a narcissist that way.” Then he said something about how he doesn’t like me using his name to connect dots. Then he hung up.

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     Robert Fuller 

    Okay, correction time. Apparently it wasn’t Mason who called me from the 424 number. He just called me again to tell me that it wasn’t him.

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     Robert Fuller 

    Now I’m thinking the 424 voice may have been Noah.

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    Have you checked Noah’s videos to confirm with the voice? Honestly I’m not sure if Noah would respond the way this person has.

    EDIT | I’m assuming this is a warning to the community as a whole to not call the number, although I really want to (again). But if people do can we record the results here?

    @wintermute called earlier and only got the voicemail, no callback.

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       Robert Fuller 

      Yeah, someone must have got annoyed that people kept calling. I feel kind of bad now.

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     Robert Fuller 

    Yeah, I just listened to one of Noah’s videos to recall what his voice sounds like. I don’t think it was him. It was hard to hear, so it could have been anyone.

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     Lauren Bello 

    So to clarify –

    Julie called the 424 number, nobody answered. Then she got a call from the 424 number and heard a male voice laughing and saying her name. (Which she hadn’t mentioned when she called or when she answered the phone.)

    Robert called the 424 number, and a male voice answered. Said that Robert’s questions were boring him. The 424 number then called Robert again and told him to stop calling this number.

    After Robert posted on Slack about the call and posited that it had been Mason, Mason called Robert to clarify that it wasn’t him, and to stop trying to use his name to connect the dots.

    So we still don’t know who the man who spoke to Julie and Robert was, but it sounds like we shouldn’t call the number anymore to find out. If he has something he wants to share, he clearly knows how to contact us.

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    I’m shocked that this phone number even works. I assumed the mass call was made from a computer or something, but I guess not.

    If I recall, that ancient Sinclair Inc. voicemail line was actually linked to one of Noah’s burner phones (@meghanmayhem received calls from Noah at that number on her burner) but it stayed off most of the time and just functioned like an answering machine.

    At any rate, I can’t imagine anything good will come from calling any of these numbers unless there’s a really good and extremely obvious reason.

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     Brad Ruwe 

    Very curious. Yeah I’m guessing that number, while tied to MyChild, isn’t supposed to be our point of contact.

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    Goddammit you guys I wake up and think we’ve got a phone number to reach Mason…but no. Just one we shouldn’t call. Happy Monday!

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    (And here I was wondering if he was still reading everything we said here.)

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     Robert Fuller 

    In retrospect, I think the 424 voice answering “yes” in response to me asking if it was Mason was actually a response to one of my “hellos,” hence the confusion. There were a lot of long silences and shuffling sounds so I said “hello” several times.

    @coryphella He definitely is.

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    It is a little confusing that the number was not hidden, I agree. But, keep in mind the message of the original voicemail which stated this number was not important but the message was…

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