Mason call 10/16

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      Alright, brief call from Mason tonight.

      The phone rang just after 8pm. When I answered it, all I could hear was banging in the background – like hammering. No one was talking. I said hello a couple of times, asked if anyone was there. Eventually he picked up and said hello, and asked who this was, I told him it was Megan.

      “Did I call you or did you call me?” One guess. I don’t have your number.
      He then says “Oh, it..must have been a butt dial. I have…so much to tell you, Megan. But I’m in the middle of something that’s going to take…awhile.” And he laughs when he says “awhile.” Then he says “I’ll talk to you soon. Think of me tonight when you sleep.” He hangs up before I can say anything at all.

      So. yeah.

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       Robert Fuller

      Well, he does have 91 coffins to hammer together.

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      He’s also obviously not reading Slack – I’m not sleeping at all right now.

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      “Think of me tonight when you sleep”? Ew.

      Dude may have bomb ass arms but he’s still a creeper.

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      Okay, Mason. lol

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      I think the important part here (if there was one) was that he was hammering building something.

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      He laughed? Like everything was fine and carrying on as normal? So Morgan, Sabrina and Andy all sound stressed and upset, and Mason sounds… fine?

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        Well, out of everyone on your list.. he seems to be the only one truly doing what he loves.

        Follow your bliss, Mason.

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      …yeah. As if things were going according to plan. Whatever that is.

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