Macy and Kristen

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    I know this may be a silly thought to have, but the assistant world is very small and usually quick to connect and spread news, do you suppose they know each other? Or have ever met?

    Also- has anyone heard from either of them? I wonder if they’re OK.

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     Brad Ruwe 

    I know @electrichippo hears from Stacey still, but beyond that I don’t know. Sounds like a majority of contact from iConfidant nowadays is from our actual iConfidants. Makes sense, if this is a beta they wouldn’t want to interfere and unknowingly change the results of the beta test.

    Oh wait, MACY, not Stacey. I’m an idiot whose brain is fried.

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      oh my gosh!! it’s so colorful!!!!

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    Good question @brianamatopoeia I personally haven’t heard from Macy in a while. I hope she’s alright. :/

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    I hope Macy can come forward and offer some insight. She could prove to be the most interesting person we have heard from so far!

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    As I understand things, there are currently two levels of IG reality. The top level is the Investor/DLB storyline, and the second level is “The Lust Experience” that is being run by said Investors (and what they are pressuring DLB to get back into). The second level has been acknowledged as an immersive experience (from the DLB phone call: “…the stupid shit you have us doing”), so if Macy was created solely for the second level, I wouldn’t be surprised if we never hear from her again.

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    @izryn Does not compute.

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