Les Huit.

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    Noah is Les Huit.

    I think @rizzzoooooo and I have an idea here.. Come along on this journey while I throw 18 servings of spaghetti at the wall and we’ll see what sticks.

    For the uninitiated:

    “What, you think I’m still scared? You think I’m scared of you still? I’m already dead, asshole.”

    – Noah, pg 154 of The Tension Experience: Chronicles of the OOA book.

    “I don’t need ten seconds… I will destroy the person who made me this way.”

    – Noah Sinclair, Youtube video “.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QoX8P4iKDZ4

    “Now, the 1990’s latest known manifestation has been reported in Hollywood, California where this supposed offshoot of the church appears to call represent (sic) itself as the, “OOA Institute”. While similar to previous iterations this group seems to be embracing the technology all other manifestations have previously shunned. There are even reports of several meetings within the entertainment industry, they have been spotted in several occult AOL chatrooms and urge followers to purchase expensive cellular phones as they desire the instant access to their people at all times.

    One of the most unusual and colorful items to come from this group though is talk of a club hopping, flamboyant and charismatic guru of sorts that sounds as if he has walked strait (sic) from a Gothic Anne Rice novel. He speaks in elegant riddles and only answers to the name “Les Huit”. Verbal reports suggest the targeting of influencers within the artistic community such as directors, actors, and other tastemakers.”

    – Abewell’s Journal of Psychology Vol. 122. No. 4, pg 301 http://i.imgur.com/Ie94Is6.jpg

    So here’s where this is coming from.. I had a crazy dream last night (I know..) that I was at a party, and also in attendance – Les Huit (I KNOW). I tried and tried to figure out who he was, and when I finally got close enough to see his face.. Les Huit was Noah.

    I completely forgot about this until Noah’s video this afternoon.

    Look at that last paragraph from Abewell’s – “a club hopping, flamboyant and charismatic guru.” Tell me that’s not Noah. Taking people to bars, drinking their drinks, a flair for the dramatic, and able to win the influence of even those that hate him.

    So – how does this connect? Through even more baseless speculation.

    1. Sabrina Kern, aka Addison/GK2/Overseer – Proof of Concept.
    :: We know the OSDM can brainwash people to where memories can be implanted. We’ve seen how entire personalities can be placed, entirely new identities. The times when she was uncontrollably speaking in tongues. All of this is proof of what’s possible.

    2. Whatever ritual Andy walked in on –
    :: When Andy followed Noah, we got a glimpse of a ritual.

    View post on imgur.com

    View post on imgur.com

    the four hooded figures, one of whom we see in the second screenshot above (presumably the one with the older-sounding voice) and are reminiscent of the Gatekeepers we knew in Tension, thanks to GK3’s easily identifiable stature.

    However. We saw these people die.

    But.. Did they die? With everything behind the curtain slowly turning IG.. I think we should speculate as to what else is hiding back there.

    Buz strangled GK3. Sabrina slit the throat of ~four.

    But they didn’t die – Buz never actually killed GK3: In a response after many expressed concern OOG with a participant appearing to lay hands on an actor, the creators responded with – “In the end, this is just one big elaborate magic trick… or, did some of you think this was real? The Oracles, The GateKeepers, Anoch?” http://thetensionexperience.com/forums/topic/a-trip-behind-the-curtain/

    Sabrina never killed ~four: look at these, a video of the event, and a photo of the event – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i_fwLBVtlKs

    It has all been leading up to this… Tickets on sale now. Ascension. #thetensionexperience

    A post shared by Tension (@the_tension_experience) on

    If ~four was killed.. then she was killed twice.


    A little while later, at “The One” Event: Many of the BOS members at the time met with Sentinel only moments before walking into the event, where he made clear that “nothing paranormal is going on in there. it’s all a trick.”

    Yes, he was an actor, he was brainwashed. But we’ve also learned that the one thing they weren’t able to program? Faith. Therefore, he was telling the truth. Why is Sentinel special? London May, who played him, made certain that we knew that it was not him lying dead at The End, it was a stand-in. He was told to stay away. We don’t know why exactly, but we at least know that he was given these specific instructions, and nothing is random.

    And whose voices do we hear at The One event? The voices of the “dead” Gatekeepers. So either they were ghosts, or they were still among the living.

    And we know nothing paranormal was happening inside those walls.

    3. The cyclical nature and symbolism of the OSDM –
    :: So many times, since Tension began, we’ve been given symbols, whether graphical or written/verbal. I believe there is a connection with many symbols here with regards to Cycles. The OOA’s logo and all other circles, the clocks in the “Chaos Room”, “wind the clock,” etc. I think this is a hint from *somewhere* that whatever we’re dealing with now has happened before, and will happen again. Maybe it’s a stretch, but it’s right in the OOA’s logo – two interconnecting circles. (see “Appendix 1” below for more thoughts on the OOA logo specifically)

    “But the OOA isn’t real?” – Yes. The OOA that we visited at Ascension isn’t real. However, we have since been told that there is a “true book of Anoch” and we’ve seen the strange ritual. So although we might not have actually interacted with whatever’s really behind this, and whatever the OSDM is acting with regards to.

    So. I feel there is reason believe that just because The OOA wasn’t real last year, does not mean that the people we were told had power within the OOA weren’t real people, with real power, within the OSDM. We know they like their “walk on roles” like they gave Buz to kill GK3, maybe they gave whoever’s in charge some walk on roles as well, but let their brainwashed Sabrina take the lead when it came to direct confrontation with the unwashed masses.


    So now there’s Noah. Whatever’s going on inside that man’s head, it seems to be an intense and ongoing war between what he wants and what Horace wants. These past two videos this week seem to be a drastically different Noah than what we’re used to, and there’s been speculation that his joke about being “in a bunker” was actually the truth.

    Maybe, as a form of control, Horace planted Les Huit into Noah, and we’ve been experiencing that inner conflict.

    Noah, the man some met at Ascension, charismatic, powerful, self-help guru is Les Huit. That’s why he’s not afraid of death, because he can live again through being implanted in another Noah.

    Noah, the man we’ve seen on video these past couple days? That’s the real Noah. Fighting back.

    Noah is Les Huit.


    Appendix 1 – I believe that the interconnecting circles represent the crossover we’re experiencing now and experienced last year. Ascension began at Intersection 1. Noah was present for certain parts of Ascension = intersection 2. Lust began, and the cycle began following the opposite circle.. until it reconnects this weekend, at intersection 1. Then, assuming the “point” we’re traveling along the circle moves at a constant rate, like the second hand of a clock, we’re looking at the mid-season event back at the location of intersection 2. Then, another half-season at the same rate we’ve been experiencing so far this year.. and we’re traveling the long away around the circle until intersection 1, when the “finale” would begin, just as it did with Ascension. I know this doesn’t make sense.. but trace your finger along the logo.. the circles intersect at intervals mimicking that of the current schedule/forecasted schedule of live events.

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     Brad Ruwe 

    God. Damn. That’s pretty fucking possible. Way to go on coming up with this fantastic theory.

    So on this note, is it Sunday yet?

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    Damn, Addison. That’s really well done.

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     Brad Ruwe 

    So based on Slack chat, it would explain why Noah is “already dead”, because Horace ultimately controls him. If he steps out of line, he can kill Noah, and implant Les Huit into another person. Noah as the man he really is, cannot live because if he does, Horace hits he kill switch and moves on to the next host.

    Which I think ties in with the core reason the OSDM exists. Emotional data. They’re collecting the emotional data on us, through these experiences, through iConfidant, so that they can create a personality replication of us to imprint onto others if need be. A version of us Horace can control.

    Guys…. we may come face to face with ourselves at some point.

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     Michael Rizzo 

    Lmao Yes huit yes huit yes huit

    There’s something def going on with Noah and his past, the dude isn’t down with what his life has been so far. I mentioned it before but I believe 100% that the system is not doing what it’s supposed to be doing. What I mean is that I don’t believe the system was ever actually supposed to help people like it currently is with this community. In those pages of the leaked performer contract, it mentions that every performer needs to attend at minimum 3 system events. That itself leads me to think the system is meant to make performers and whoever more easy to control by Horace and the OSDM. But now Noah is legit doing what it’s advertised as, empowering people. I don’t think Noah is necessarily trying to burn it all down like some of us, but he’s def trying to break free from his fathers eye. I’d even go as far as suggestvthat he’s trying to legitimize “The System” and take back what’s his, be his own boss opposed to working for his father. Those of us who are fighting back have our own reasons, this is just Noah’s.

    Ps don’t hate my word vomit

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     Winston Smith 

    Wow. That all flows so beautifully that it just feels right. I’m super envious that something like that came to you in a dream. That’s cool as heck.

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     Lauren Bello 

    In those pages of the leaked performer contract, it mentions that every performer needs to attend at minimum 3 system events. That itself leads me to think the system is meant to make performers and whoever more easy to control by Horace and the OSDM. But now Noah is legit doing what it’s advertised as, empowering people.

    Oh, interesting.

    If Noah’s gone rogue, though, why do you think Horace hasn’t said anything since his call to Kortney? Why haven’t there been “Sorry, Noah’s diabetic” notices?

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    Random thought…

    System event #1: the workshop in Skid Row.
    System event #2: Sunday’s seminar
    System event #3: ???

    Are we the performers, being lured in? Some of us did sign a contract at the registration event.

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    @superstar you might be able to use Focus Group as the first System event, making this weekend event #3 for a few people. ??‍♀️

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    Awwww… fuck. You’re right @wanda102.

    And, Noah said something in one of his videos about making us “less of ourselves, and more of him”.

    Prepare to meet your new Noah-esque selves behind door #3.

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     Lawrence Meyers 

    @addisonborn This is pretty interesting on many levels. Actually, I’m more interested in your dream, but…

    One thing doesn’t fit, which is the description is that Les Huit “walked out of a Gothic Anne Rice novel”. Noah doesn’t seem like a Gothic character, unless that is a reference to a modern-day Lestat? Was that his M.O. in the book?

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     Lauren Bello 

    I think my personal theory is a spin-off of this one. Les Huit was a goth who was brainwashed using the helmet or some other form of trauma into playing the part of Les Huit. Noah was Levi, a more caring and gingham shirt-wearing guy who was brainwashed using the helmet or some other form of trauma into playing the part of Noah. The OSDM wanted similar behavior from them, cheerful aggressive charisma, so that’s what they programmed them to do, breaking down their old behaviors and forcing them into new ones, in the same way we saw Tom Barrow slapping Sabrina and ordering her to memorize new facts about herself.

    It’s less a Dollhouse scenario (one person’s consciousness in another’s body) and more that they went through similar brainwashing regimes.

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    @larry Lestat became a rock star cos he just LOVED the attention. Not QUITE the same, but close enough??

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     Lawrence Meyers 

    @erisbonn Ah! I see. I did not read the books, but that may work.

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    @daela yeah, that makes sense (SENSE!! LOL!!!). maybe Les Huit was the original experiment with brainwashing and Noah is the next attempt??

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     Brad Ruwe 

    @erisbonn Levi is the name of the actor playing Noah. They listed him in the Tension book that the OSDM put out last year.

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     Michael Rizzo 

    @daela good question, I can only guess but maybe Hoarace doesn’t fully realize that’s what Noah’s doing? I mean we haven’t been to an actual “System” seminar just yet, that could be the point where Hoarace realizes what’s the haps. Hoarace may not even realize Noah is reaching out to us with these daily tasks tbh.

    Or of course we’ll show up on Sunday and get absolutely wrecked by the OSDM. IDK

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    @addisonborn This theory is wild, and I love it!!

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    Regarding the Les Huit Anne Rice thing, I think it’s a Lestat parallel more than anything. It’s the name similarity but also that Lestat had a kind of messiah/god complex thing going and wanted to attract followers. I don’t know that there was really a stereotype of a “character from an Anne Rice novel” that was accurate, other than existential, and that could also fit Noah. Most of the vampire chronicles characters weren’t goth party boys, a handful were just brooding loners, the rest were…normal? Exceptional? But I stopped reading after memnoch.

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    @addisonborn something else is bugging me but I may be confusing it with something else. Les Huit – the eight – have we seen a figure right in a symbol somewhere?

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    @coryphella Same. I do wanna read the new Lestat novels though, just cos I adore that insufferable fuck 😉

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