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     Lukas L 

    @joycecarlberg Uh-Uh? Not sure why you are stuttering? Was it something I said? Should I have been more.

     Julie R Goldstein 

    Oh well… We’re all gonna die anyway, right?


    @julierei everyone does, eventually.


    @joycecarlberg, you are a funny lady. I’m wondering why I “do not compute”, but the fact that you put @goldtongue and I together kinda gave me the chills… What do you know?? How do you know it??

    I’m a little freaked out now. And sorry to miss your meeting. Maybe next time, I’ll get some answers?

     Lauren Bello 

    Okay then, I suppose we will all carry on with less of a connection than they wanted. I get paid all the same.

    This is interesting to me. “They” wanted Joyce to connect with us. Joyce’s half-hearted way of trying to connect was tapping into common human themes and spouting them back to us, but she didn’t quite sell it. When called out, she didn’t really care: she can still do her job without the connection “they” wanted from her.

    So who are “they,” why did they want her to connect with us, and what job are “they” paying her to do?

    It would be hilarious if she was supposed to be some sort of community liaison.


    @daela I suspect that a major part of her job entails responding to us directly. The amount of tagging Joyce has done is unprecedented, and fits someone who is in charge of doing PR/press for *them*. Your guess of community liasion probably isn’t too far off.

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