iConfidant Meet and Greet is Open

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    @clairebuch I think people saying “slots” is just out of habit. 2pm-3pm seems to have been the only option there ever was.

     Claire Buchignani 

    @macbethinabathtub Ok just glad I wasn’t missing something. Also the way the FB page phrased it, it did seem we had an option of time slots. I want to sign up but I know I won’t even be available for it. Gonna have to break the news to my iConfidant…she was so excited!


    Wait a second…this was posted on the facebook page, so does that mean Stacey is allowing the announcement post to stay up, and the event to go forward, even after the broadcast today? Something doesn’t add up. How can the iConfidant fb post both the live video AND this event announcement without contradicting one of them?


    So I secured a ticket before watching the live video and now that I’ve seen it I am TERRIFIED for Sunday… wtf are we walking into? Why do I do this to myself 😣

     Andrew Kasch 

    I’ll be out of town. Supremely bummed to be missing this.

    Have fun, everyone!

     Brad Ruwe 

    Man, get home from a loooong day of work and everything is in chaos. Y’all have fun, @taysavestheday and I will be enjoying our trap-free movie day.


    All signed up. We’ll see how this goes. I have a feeling that following my emotions rather than my head may not have been the best choice of course and actions. Moving forward.


    Damn. Tickets went up after I went to bed and sold out before my alarm went off. I wonder if they were needed for people who are facetiming?

    Glad to see those who got tickets are the hardcore Lust participants. 😛


    @coryphella I don’t have an iOS device, so if FaceTime is the only option if there is a remote participation opportunity you can have my slot if it’s transferable.


    @ziegenbartsr – I won’t be in MN, and you should find someone who has one anyway and use it – actually talk to Travis about borrowing my ipad. YOU SHOULD ABSOLUTELY USE YOURS and I won’t take it from you.

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     Julie R Goldstein 

    I’m in the same boat @coryphella. I hope they’re able to open more slots. I want to give my iConfidant a big giant hug.


    @julierei – that sucks. 🙁 I’m sorry. Generally I’m pretty ok with things I’m not able to attend, because I don’t expect to anyway.


    @julierei if they didn’t intend that the remote people take up actual slots I suspect mine could become available. Keep an eye out.


    I got my ticket last night!

    I’m wondering if Stacey allowing this to go through means she’s planning to expose something on Sunday. Either that or she’s no longer in control.


    Got my ticket.

    I have a feeling that all of our iConfidants are one hapless soul, the helmet, and a metric fuckton of headaches.

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