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    I emailed Sarah asking what she hoped to accomplish this coming year. She didn’t answer the question; instead, she asked me the same question…
    Me: What do you hope to accomplish in the coming year?
    Sarah: What do YOU hope to accomplish in the coming year

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    What was your answer? Sarah definitely is looking for something in particular in people so maybe your response will be key to understanding her better.

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    I have not responded yet. I was planning to say something along the lines of “to protect someone”. Do you have any advice?

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    Don’t go external, look inwards. What are you wanting to accomplish for yourself.

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    It’s probably even possible to make the external more internal, something within your control, by focusing on the ways you can grow into a better person more deserving of faith and trust. If you want to be the kind of person who can offer protection, you have to be willing to focus on and improve yourself first. Consider how you would do that.

    Selfless selfishness isn’t exactly the System’s intended function, but altering a standardized belief system to better serve your own concept of self is a much better approach to actually seizing the day than following someone else’s intended playbook.

    But don’t trust me. Sarah doesn’t think I make the cut.

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    @thebuz @acedefective
    You both said the same thing: Look internally, not externally. Thank you for your advice.
    I responded to her email by saying:

    I hope to become: Strong, wise, impartial, just, and selfless. Strength, in my opinion, means: strong-minded, brave, determined, and persistent. I wish to become strong so I can overcome my past.
    If you met your fifteen year old self, what do you think she would think of you?

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    Sarah responded,:

    Excellent Lexi… I believe you will find that The System can help you with each and everyone of those exact things and many more. I appreciate your sincere and thoughtful response.

    Most teenagers that I meet I find troublingly out of control and moved entirely by emotion over reason, so I can’t really say beyond that.

    Stay in touch, I think you will be an excellent candidate for our future endeavors.

    Thanks for the advice peoples.

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    Damn that’s a great response!

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    It is indeed.
    I’m responding saying: Thank you very much. We’ll definitely keep in touch. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate

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