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     Hannah Schenck 

    @sfire8 If we anticipate the worst maybe it won’t be so bad? Nawww who am I kidding it’s gonna suck… it will be devastating and break our hearts, just like they promised. Which is why we can’t really rule anything out, I’m sure whatever is bound to happen will eat us alive from the inside out 🙈😳


    @sfire8 FWIW, I did talk (very briefly) to Sarah at Saturday’s workshop. Didn’t think to do what you suggested (doh!). Should have used the opportunity to engage more, but my mind was on a different track, at the time.


    @sfire8 One more thought about Timmy…

    Noah’s quote about “shit and mucus” and about his son being (ugh… I hate typing this…) “a fucking retard”… What if Timmy is a special-needs child and/or is older than we think?


    @shankfx22, @superstar, special needs child sacrifice! NOOOOOOO!!!! Lol, what did Sarah say to you, dying to know?

     Hannah Schenck 

    I’m definitely not thinking that he is special needs. I think that is too literal and a far stretch.


    Yeah, I agree that would be beyond fucked up. But, I’m not ruling it out.

    lol. Here’s the extent of our exchange:

    me: “Sarah?”
    Sarah: turns to me
    me: “I don’t need your dollar to make a difference.”(hands back the dollar bill that was given to @kasch and I)
    Sarah: raises eyebrows as if taking mental note, takes the dollar, and slowly turns away.

     Lauren Bello 

    Okay so last year there were certain verbal cues that would trigger things in the performance right? At the free workshop I really wanted to talk to Sarah, but it seemed frowned upon (by her and the other participants)?

    I personally think there’s a huge difference between ARG events and finale ticketed events in this regard. The Powers That Be can correct me if I’m wrong, but my inclination at ARG events is to emphasize being respectful to the actors and not putting them in uncomfortable positions by doing anything too far off-script. Follow their cues. If they refuse to answer a question, ignore something you’re saying, etc., take that as a cue not to go there. I believe Sarah declined to talk to several people, which is why word spread not to talk to her. In the large ticketed event, on the other hand, it’s widely publicized that they have scripts for a number of scenarios, so trying different approaches is sanctioned.

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