Call from Morgan 11/16/17

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    EDIT: Subject should say 10/16/17. A little 111 minded rn. Not time traveling at this moment.

    He seems a little worried.

    @111error called from a blocked number at 4:39pm. I had to scramble to find a private call room and put the phone down for a min, when I picked it back up, he was mumbling to someone who was apparently with him “put it all in the bag, all of it.”

    We had a quick chat about work stuff that I had been talking about in Slack, chopped that out because it’s not entirely relevant and deals with some office politics that I don’t super want to post on here! And then he asked me this:

    Morgan: Tell me what you’ve learned.

    Addison: Ummm. Literally nothing.

    M: What do you mean literally nothing, you’ve still been talking to Sabrina, right?

    A: She hasn’t contacted me, um, since she asked me to amplify her message? Essentially since uhh-

    M: That was a month and a half, two months ago man

    A: Yeah that was a while ago, and

    M: Don’t fuck with me. Don’t fuck with me. What have you learned?

    A: Zero. Like. she has not contacted me at all.

    M: Addison. We need to know. What have you fucking learned.

    A: I have – I-I have nothing.


    A: Morgan, I’m sorry.

    My questions.. who is “we” when he says “we need to know” – is it the collective “We” as in the community? Or is it “we” as in he and others unknown? The person he was with and instructing them to put something in a bag? And who was that person, regardless??


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    Without the actual yelling, this is the tone of my call from last night. Except now he sounds much more upset. What’s happening…

    As far as the bag…is he robbing a liquor store or something?

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    The sense of desperation in him saying “Tell me what you learned.” Not a please, or an explanation. Calling Addison and telling him to say what he learned from Sabrina? I imagine that was not a call he was excited about making.

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     Winston Smith 

    Is @111error under duress in some way? @a can send him home, he clearly doesn’t have a whole ton of agency to make decisions on his own, he’s calling on behalf of a shadowy “we”, and making frantic, repeated demands for information RIGHT NOW, without really having much in the way of an explanation as to why the urgency and aggressive tone. That’s not really how you handle a phone call with a friend you want something from. That’s some serious stress behavior there.

    I don’t understand why Morgan would challenge Addison’s loyalty publicly, and I don’t understand why Addison would defend himself by outing himself as a double agent. That kinda defeats the whole purpose of being a double agent. The only context that makes sense to me in, is one in which Addison is genuinely upset at @111error, and basically saying “I quit. P.S., everyone, I was a spy.” That would have been provoked by @111error himself. What do either one of them have to gain from that? Maybe I’m missing something, but I can’t put myself in either one of their shoes, and see a way that this line would make sense for either one of them.

    @bruinbown made a point in Slack that perhaps the thing Sabrina said to @111error was that she knew Addison was a spy, and had already turned him. If so, it’s easy to see Morgan calling Addison demanding info, and Addison saying exactly what Sabrina told him he would say “I don’t know anything”, because she had in fact, told him nothing. Morgan wouldn’t know if either one of them were telling him the truth, so panic?

    That’s the only explanation that seems internally consistent so far. If that’s the right one, then that means Sabrina is confident in her ability to manipulate Morgan and Addison at will, and this would be an example of that being employed to disrupt his operation, and sew dissension in his ranks.

    If I were Sabrina though, I still wouldn’t do that. If I knew Addison was a double agent, then I’d feed him disinformation and accomplish the same goal, while still allowing the possibility for future disinformation and manipulation with Morgan, Addison, or both. Why would she burn a resource right there?

    What angle could you view this from that would make it a “good idea” from any of their perspectives?

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