An Indirect Message from DLB

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     Lawrence Meyers 

    I saw Terence Leclere tonight. For those who don’t know, Terence is an actor who played a plant in Tension and was in my show this past summer. We were just hanging around after a show, and I mentioned I was going to the MSE. He said:

    “I have a message from Darren. Do you want to hear it?”


    “This is a direct quote. ‘Go Fuck Yourself'”

    “I see”

    “He said to tell that to anyone who asks about LUST.”

    Was he saying “fuck you for being so stupid as to participate when you’ve been warned” or was he saying, “Don’t try to milk Terence for information”?

    I have no idea. Have a good evening.

    And go fuck yourselves.

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     Bryan Bishop 

    That doesn’t read as either to me. That comes off as an angry response…

    I wonder if Darren is in some sort of jeopardy because we’ve all so willingly jumped in the abyss by purchasing tickets for the MSE? We’ve certainly seen hints of that idea before; in Tension, handlers and other cast members said they were trapped in the warehouse because we kept coming back.

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     Robert Fuller 

    It sounds like the latter to me. He didn’t say to say it to anyone who participates in Lust, just to anyone who asks about it.

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