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    What’s up guys and gals? I won’t lie to you, I have been a bit stressed lately because even though I dominate every ounce of my life, I too can still get surprised by people and things on very rare occassions.

    But the thing that makes me a fucking winner is that I then adapt and weaponize the surprise to my advantage.

    So, I’ve decided to take a little more control over our situation here and since I just recently wasted my breath with my call to Mr Smedman, instead of another one on one that may or may not pay out, today I’ll just give out the lesson to the entire class. Are you ready?

    I think that we could ALLLL use a digital break.

    That’s it. That is the big bad lesson for the day.

    Get your butts of the instagrams, the facebooks and the twitter.

    Hell, stop coming here too.

    Let’s all take a break to actually do some damn things in the REAL world. Dominate your actual physical life. Walk around and exert your authority on your fellow man. Put your chest out and live like the head lion for day or two and see how it fucking feels!

    Disconnect to re-connect and manifest actionable power where it counts, face to face… not digitally.

    Now, GO! Get out there and make me proud! Turn off the computer, put down the phone and dominate actual life.

    24 Hours starting now.

     Andrew Kasch 

    Interesting timing, Noah. You’re the last person I expected to come in here and sound like Sean Spicer.

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     Buz Wallick 

    Lol, no.

     Tim Redman 

    I can get behind this!
    see ya later alligator.


    Wow… @maddyxxx is even scared. Wonder what the Hostess with the mostess is about to reveal…

     Winston Smith 

    Nothing to see here, ya lookie loos! Why don’t we all get some sun, and pretend there’s absolutely nothing of consequence happening on the forums at all.


    Is there something you’re worried about leaking out?

     Bryan Bishop 

    Yeah, @maddyxxx. I think we’ll maybe try that after we hear from a certain someone that you’re apparently quite afraid of.

     Tim Redman 


     Mustafa Said 

    Kinda convenient that you’re calling for us to step away from the digital world while we’re witnessing someone attempt to dump some dirt about the ODSM and what’s really going on with the Lust Experience.

    Doubt you care about it though.


    How convenient… who amongst us is most obviously controlling the narrative??

     Sarah Musnicky 

    If you’re willing to compensate me for the money I would lose not being on the internet, then sure 🙂

     Brad Ruwe 

    Basically…. ignore the leaks, right?

    This is a good lesson Noah. One that I’m sure a LOT of us could use. But your timing is… what’s the word… SUS.


    How bout nah? I spent all morning pitching this tent and I’m going to camp in it, dammit.


    Impressive. No other leak, to my knowledge, has inspired this much fear from this many components

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