A course agreed upon

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     Julie R Goldstein 

    As Anoch desires… So shall I obey…

     Brad Ruwe 

    Alright @joycecarlberg. I ran my mouth, and I fucked up. Recognizing your faults, as difficult as it may be, is something we need to do to improve. I’m ready to listen. I want to be better.


    Joyce, I have a lot of things I want to say to you…

    Call me some time.

     Lawrence Meyers 

    A few observations —

    1) I find it interesting that “a course agreed upon” is an offshoot of a phrase I’ve used here a few times: “The truth is a lie agreed upon” — which I co-opted from DEADWOOD, which in turn came from…Nietzsche? Anyway, point is subjective reality can often overturn objective reality if enough influential people (or a mob) agree on it. Thus, we are being asked to agree upon the idea that only the active move forward.

    2) Investment has two components: risk and return. If we are the investment, there is an expectation of return over a given period of time. In a transactional arrangement, in which we theoretically receive some form of capital, we provide a return on that capital to The Investors.

    What exactly these forms of capital are, well….that may be different for each person.

    And with each investment comes RISK. How much risk are they taking vs. how much we are taking?

     Bryan Bishop 

    It strikes me that the way @joycecarlberg talks about things echoes the 6.23 Mystery Caller pretty accurately – but these sentiments encouraging us to invest in this “thing,” whatever it may be, actually seem to be pretty different from the conversation @rizzzoooooo and @wanda102 had with Fluffernutter.

    We’d loosely assumed that Fluffernutter was the one making the 6.23 calls, but Fluffernutter was warning us, wasn’t he? That things that looked pretty and enticing could actually be quite bad for us? That strikes me as something that runs counter to HCDI’s message, rather than aligns with it.

    Any thoughts? @joycecarlberg, what about you? Any chance you had an associate meet with some of the folks here on June 19th to talk dessert?

     Meghan Mayhem 

    @bcbishop I’d say that the call I got was a threat AND a warning.

     Bryan Bishop 

    Fair point, @meghanmayhem. I’m starting to think you got a call from Fluffernutter, and @kortneydarling and @coryphella got calls from an associate of Joyce. Interesting…


    I wonder how we are being “counted” exactly? (Like literally how many times we post?) Joyce really drove that point home.


    I will not join slack I will not join slack I will not– Ah, fuck it.
    Enjoy the dumpster fire that ensues, @joycecarlberg.

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