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    Wow, I go to a Fringe show and by the time I leave we have a new person, a new organization..

    @kingkill33, I specifically agree with your last sentence.

    .. I like you already Joyce. XD


    I cannot properly express how much I love this step forward. Hopefully we all understand that the forums are still to be used as a primary communication method and the Slack can be more for semi to off topic chatter or theory forming before posting it here.

     Adina Cohen 


    I’m sorry I live my life in greys not really black and white. But I’m interested.

     Andrew Kasch 

    Excuse the bluntness, @joycecarlberg but perhaps you can shine a light on why we should invest in you? Some of us have spent the last year and change chasing vague acronyms. OOA…BOS…OSDM…

    What makes HCDI different? Are you a new game in town or simply the next stage in an evolution?


    Mr Kasch, I can assure you that this is not a game of any sort. I do not recall asking for your direct questions or, further more, your opinions on anything but thank you ever so much for sharing them anyway.


    @joycecarlberg As I have said before, I’m invested in you as long as you’re invested in me.

    Also, I have data. So we should chat.


    @joycecarlberg – I suspect that my friend Andrew didn’t mean so much to imply that you or this is a game, but rather we, your investments, have been lead from point to point by a number of entities. They’ve given us a “face” of sorts to understand, even if only a bit, what it is that we’re dealing with. Perhaps only the tip of the iceberg, but at least something for us to grab onto.

    Now we’re given another entity – HCDI. What makes this different from the others? Is it even different? Just another face of the chimera that’ll give way to another in a month’s time?

    We are your investments. You’ve said as much. You clearly have some desire to see these investments grow into whatever ends you have in mind for us, yes? Perhaps it would be beneficial to both sides if we, the investments, had even an inkling better idea as to who is doing the investing.


    I also appreciate this move forward and agree with the statement that we invest in those that invest in us.

     Buz Wallick 

    Hey @joycecarlberg,

    Why don’t you join us in the slack. I’m sure we’d all very much like to speak with you there… since you were so kind to set it up in the first place.


    @thegilded here’s an idea though: if you had a product to sell would you pepper your investors with questions about their Intentions, or would you try and convince them why you were worth investing in?


    @wanda102 – A fair point but we aren’t selling them anything. We don’t know what they want or who they even are. They want something from us, something worth putting effort into. They’re the ones with something to lose in this bargain. It’s only fair that if they’re profiting off us we at least know something about them

     Hannah Schenck 

    @wanda102 @thegilded The answer to that is most likely the latter, but in that instance the decision you make would be based off of a general background and/or understanding of who your investors are already, no?

     Lukas L 

    @joycecarlberg I’d we are something you want to invest in, what do you gain from watering us and making us grow. What are we lacking that we need to be invested in?

     Andrew Kasch 

    Well, I can see we are off to a great start, @joycecarlberg. Since we are already starting down the road of passive-aggressiveness, I would remind you that this very forum is a platform for questions and opinions. As long as you communicate with us here, it would be wise to prepare for that.

    Yes, as @thegilded suggested, I am not referring to the word “game” literally. I think most of us would like to know more about what you are beyond 4 letters before blindly following your lead. We’ve seen what happens to those in the past who have gone chasing shadowy newcomers.

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