9/6 – Phone call from Mason

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    So Mason just called. Bryan *literally* said to me “looks like you’re off the Mason hook” and I thought – wait – does he know something I don’t know? He said no it’s just midnight. Toronto is not in the same time zone. I picked up my phone to see what time he called last night. THAT is when my phone rang. And I dropped it. Good fucking timing.

    So, I took notes on this because this one, he talked a lot. Hopefully I got it all right.

    Right away he asked me if I was close with my parents. Come on Mason. You have a file on me. I know you do. I said “well, one of them is dead.” He said “you didn’t answer the question.” After having a few moments of not really wanting to answer this particular question I said no, not really.

    He launched into this thing – I think he was crying. He said his mom was the backbone of his family, and she wore a mask to hide the lies and deception that were transpiring, trying to give him a normal childhood. No matter how dark things got, or how much the world was crumbling she kept a mask of serenity on that said everything was going to be ok.

    Here, he asked me if I’d had anyone like that in my life growing up. I said no, not really. He *might* have said “I didn’t think so.” He asked if I do that for other people. I paused, and said “what do you think?” Because he seems to know all the answers to the questions he’s asking me anyway. He says “I think you do.” I ask what makes him think that. Then, a pause, and “Is it really alright that I call?” and I say yes. He says “that’s how I know.” I said “why, because *something I can’t remember* or because I’m “pretending” it’s ok you call?” He asked if I was pretending and I said no, I’m really not good at pretending at all.

    He watched his family fall apart. His dad cheated, his uncles lost their minds. When his dad died, she was all he had left. She got older after (after what, he didn’t say – I asked, but no answer – I tried clarifying after your dad died? no answer) and smiled less and less. She had passions “…like you, Megan” She collected trinkets. He asked if I collected things and I thought for a minute before saying “books.” Probably the only thing I really collect. He said she collected those “stupid elf people standing next to stupid villages.” They made her light up, “the way you light up around books.” Or something.

    She grew old and eventually hated everyone and everything around her. He couldn’t handle it – all the lies, manipulation and devotion to THEM – wouldn’t clarify who “THEM” was, either.

    So he left – he ran. And she died of cancer. When he returned home, the house was the same. She was gone, and all that was left were those elves, all he had of her were “cheap gas station trinkets.”

    Here, he got more upset, and asked “who will remember her? she’s vanished.” And then, very, very firmly, he said “I won’t let her die again. She lives with me. And I promise you, I will be remembered.” He might have said that he would be remembered for what he does.

    He then says he doesn’t feel well and has to go. I try to stop him, I say “Mason – ” and he pauses and I’m thinking of something to say or ask and because I’m selfish all I can think of is “are you still in Saint Paul?” and he says “good night, Megan. you’re a good listener.” and hangs up.

    So he played the dead mom card. @thegilded I liked it when you played it better.

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    It has been pointed out to me that I start out all my posts with “Bryan is the absolute worst LOLOLOLOL” that is unintentional.

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     Bryan Bishop 

    I mean, you’re not necessarily wrong about “the worst” thing…

    First off, I can’t believe that this thing is still ongoing. It’s probably one of the most unnerving things that’s happened yet, and he’s just. not. stopping. I don’t even know what box to put this in anymore.

    Secondly: Mason’s father is purportedly dead, and his uncles went crazy. If we take him at face value, that would seem to rule out Noah and Mason being brothers… but there’s the uncles thing. And the way Mason described his mother to you also sounds a lot like our collective perceptions of Sarah Sinclair. Which makes me wonder if this isn’t some sort of big, extended, fucked-up family nevertheless. (The mention of bloodlines and The Investors back in @joycecarlberg‘s original trio of answers, etc.)

    @coryphella, did he mention anything else about his uncles, or offer up any additional family details that might be worth puzzling out?

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    @bcbishop – nope. I’ve given you everything I was able to get down on paper. Anytime he paused and I asked a question, he wouldn’t answer, so I couldn’t really get MORE information.

    I want to know what he meant by “I won’t let her die again.” That part, and the firmness with which he said it, was…weird.

    This is the 7th phone call in a row from Mason – that’s a full Mason Week at the Reilly-Bedard household. If the calls had ended the night he said he was here & DLB called, I could have seen that but they didn’t, they kept going. Where is this going?

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    Sounds like he’s referring to that old adage that everyone dies twice– once when you die, and the next when everyone who remembers you dies. She lives now only through him, and he’s determined to leave a mark so deep and violent on these people that he, and by extension his mother, could never be forgotten. I’d like to take him at his word that his father is also dead, I think there’s something to be said for the complaint about Star Wars that there’s somehow only one important family in the galaxy. Mason doesn’t have to have blood between Horace and Noah for him to be resentful of the cult that robbed him of his childhood and his mother of her happiness. I feel bad for the guy.

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     Robert Fuller 

    So I guess you remind him of his mother? As if this wasn’t creepy enough already. Now it’s getting into a weird Oedipal area.

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    Look. At the risk of my husband being all blahblahblah you don’t understand people, Mason hasn’t said anything about having any kind of crush on me. At least III (sort of) did the courtesy of that.

    It absolutely could mean that I remind him of his mother. Yeah, that was creepy.
    If we are going with “Desiderata is an awfully big coincidence” then I would have to say this phone call was because *my* mom’s death is a thing we don’t talk about. And since the calls started getting more personal I’ve been kind of waiting for it. He didn’t ask me a bunch of questions though so I could be totally wrong.

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    @macbethinabathtub Funny you should mention that. We’ve seen that quote before in the “three deaths” version.

    Which makes me wonder if this isn’t some sort of big, extended, fucked-up family nevertheless. (The mention of bloodlines and The Investors back in @joycecarlberg‘s original trio of answers, etc.)

    The family thing totally tracks and was mentioned at the iConfidant meet-and-greet. I got the impression that everyone considered themselves part of one family, but not necessarily the same bloodline, based on what was said before Sabrina came out. This call may disprove that though as Mason clearly had two people he considered parents. I’ve also been wondering lately, based on nothing, whether we’re dealing with a number of families that control OSDM and they could all be jockeying for position under Horace.

    This is the 7th phone call in a row from Mason – that’s a full Mason Week at the Reilly-Bedard household.

    We’ve seen seven come up semi-frequently. With seven people meeting with someone else from Briarberg tomorrow, I wonder if that’s the last call Mason makes to @coryphella. (Probably not though.)

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    @coryphella – Sounds like you might need to change your last name to “Bates” soon 🙂

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    Gross, @mike.
    I didn’t change my last name before, you might notice. Also he’s so not my type.
    And I’m just trying to regain some sarcasm and distance here because I need to get work done and I refuse to give Mason credit for my sleep problems right now but sleep would also be nice.

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    The facebook quote today – could that be about the whole story Mason fed me last night?
    I’m not checking Slack much so if something else has been discussed there, I don’t know.

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    I honestly just think Mason is a lot of Drama. Like, saddle up, cowboy, we all have issues! (kidding) (but not really)

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    ..doesn’t mean you get to just go around and smack people in the face with bats! Though lord knows, I understand the compulsion.

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    …or stalk women.

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    He’s an unruly, violent baby.

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    OK – just because I’m watching the periscope and it didn’t seem like anything was said regarding the Rubik’s cube on y’all’s end, and in case it might be important…

    Tonight’s call started off with Mason asking what I knew about Rubik’s cubes (which is that, um, they’re plastic and colorful). He talked about how people generally go about solving them incorrectly because they try to solve one side at a time, and by doing it this way, when they move on to a second side, they mess up the first one. What you need to do is solve multiple sides at the same time – I think he said something about thinking three layers deep, it being a three layer/three sided puzzle.

    I’m sorry guys I don’t remember better than that – everyone was starting to chat in slack about seeing Mason there and his Rubik’s cube and I thought oh they know what this is about. Now I realize that it might be vaguely important so I’m putting what I remember out there. The rest of the phone call was my own personal mindfuck.

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