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     Brad Ruwe 

    “This fire destroys not what we are, but simply burns away all that we are not.”

    The first time a quote graphic quoted an actual Lust person. This is what the man (Horace?) said at the book release party.

    So…. shit’s about to go down.
    FB Quote

     Brad Ruwe 

    Video of this being spoken:

     Buz Wallick 

    Anyone else notice that ever since @wanda102 pointed out that the photos were all cropped that they have been zooming in closer and closer. As if they are starting to show us less and less or that the bigger picture is getting bigger and bigger.


    Having this quote applied to Sunday feels a lot like the promise of some big questions getting answered, or at least the dissolution of some shaggy edges in favor of clarity. Theories and speculation are growing like weeds. Sounds like they’re ready for a controlled, devastating burn. I’m ready to find out what we are.


    Picture Posted –

    Original Art –

    Admiring her Reflection
    Conrad Kiesel – Date unknown

    Quote is apparently from Horus from the book signing?


    Also they very intentionally made the photo darker so we would have to dig.


    When I took the photo into photoshop this face was spoopy


    Figuring out what that picture could be was the best way to start my day! Lol congrats @kortneydarling on the actual find that was a tough one! Brainstorming at it’s best 😄💖 @shankfx22 I’m also nominated you for mvp on all the ideas you were throwing out! Lol

     Brad Ruwe 

    My wonder about this, is now that they’re referencing an event from what was essentially the start of Lust, is the ouroboros we’ve discussed so much to this point now starting to eat its tail? Are we now looping back around to the very start of this journey?


    Girls you crushed it this morning. A pleasure doing business with you.

    So, reflections. She’s seeing the version of herself that she believes she presents to the world. One version. Maybe that shady observer sees something different. It’s interesting to think that you never know what you really look like. You only know how you are perceived in a reflection.

    And once again we have a passive observer in frame. She’s distracted by the picture she wants to see (in this case of herself with flowers in her hair,) but there’s more to the picture, and someone’s always watching.

     Hannah Schenck 

    Nice work @kortneydarling! And to everyone else we killed it. Thanks @pandace88 that’s very sweet of you ❤️


    You gals are inspiring! 🙌

    Ok, in the painting, the woman is so self consumed with her own image she doesn’t notice her voyeur. Initially I’d leap to her being admired from afar.


    I’m also still thinking of Otis’ Periscope about power dynamics and vanity. Every card scrambling to be top of the card pile. Struggling for rank. When someone else is clearly above them all watching. I’m probably paraphrasing this wrong but figured it’s worth noting. They could also be unrelated plot points. Just wondering if there’s a tie in. The idea of her being so enamored with her own reflection she doesn’t see him is interesting, regardless of his motivations.


    The woman in this painting is giving me major Nicole-from-Registration vibes.

     Hannah Schenck 

    @chrysalis359 Yes I definitely think you are onto something here. It could definitely tie together, especially since he specifically spoke of vanity.

    @wanda102 I’m on the same page tbh. This is a perfect example of being too distracted with yourself, your image, or anything that is vain when you apply too much focus to it, that it blinds you from what is happening around you. This plays into the “bigger picture” theme and also ties into the Clock room from Tension when they mentioned not being fully present because there are too many distractions. When you become so self absorbed, you tend to miss subtle things changing around you, and you even miss important aspects of life. She seems blind to what dangers lurke behind her and whatever this person is thinking or plotting, it is in their advantage that she is so caught up in her reflection because she will never see it coming.

    Moral of the painting?

    Don’t be that person


    @meghanmayhem I keep thinking back to what you said Remi told you athat registration about why everyone is so concerned with posting on the Internet and making ourselves look a certain way. Like we’re all consumed with our own perception of ourselves.

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