6/08 – Noah Sinclair phone call

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     Andrew Kasch 

    Well, shit. Noah just called me…

    I’m totally paraphrasing here, but this is the gist of the conversation:

    Noah: “Andrew Fucking Kasch!!!! I did everything I could to steer you from that fucking iConfidant program and what did you do??? You turn around and write fucking novels to the CEO. Whaaaaa whaaaa, let me back in!!! Let me back in!!!

    You have no fucking idea…

    So here’s what’s going to happen: Are you planning on going to this fucking iConfidant event this weekend?”

    Me: “Actually, I’m skipping it…”

    Noah: “Good boy.”


    And that was it.

    For the record, I’m out of town this weekend so I’m not deliberately skipping the event. But Noah seemed very happy that I’m not going.

    And I will take this as confirmation that Noah hacked me to try and save me from something horrible…

     Brad Ruwe 


    It will be interesting to see what happens for both those who go and those who pass. Feels almost like this could be the start of a BOS / OOA type divide. I’d still suggest everyone to heed these warnings and take note of all the red flags going up. Something is not right with this.

     Hannah Schenck 

    Well @kasch I’ll say it now it was a pleasure having met you. I’ll be going and probably accepting my death 😳 I wonder what he had planned on saying if you WERE planning on going…

     Meghan Mayhem 

    “Here’s what’s going to happen”

    -doesn’t actually tell you what to do-

    Oh, you mouthy little thing, you.

     Bryan Bishop 

    So now we have all three Sinclairs — Horace, Noah, and Sarah — going out of their way to talk people out of meeting with their iConfidants.

    What are the Sinclairs afraid of?


    Getting this official confirmation just makes things more aggravating. We knew it was Noah, what we didn’t and still don’t know is WHY. What does Noah know about this, and why was he only interested in sparing you? What about us, @maddyxxx? Why can’t anyone in this family just say what they mean?

     Hannah Schenck 

    @bcbishop iConfidant could be a rival company of The System disguising themselves as a matchmaker website. When they have just enough of what they need from us they could have the means to become more powerful than The System and maybe the Sinclairs know it


    Well I’m sure as hell going. Sorry, not sorry, Noah!


    Very salient point @bcbishop. Do we have two rival factions working against each other? It not out of the question that “The Investors” aren’t the same for both companies. Maybe the New Testament Book of Anoch folks are down with iconfidant, while The System is keeping Old School?


    Noah ignores me.. my iconfidant at least pretends to give a shit so I’m seeing them this weekend.

    Sorry not sorry Noah.


    The Sinclairs being against iConfidant actually makes me feel better about going. None of them are upstanding citizens so I’ll take my chances with the emotion stealing robots and the “investors”

     Bryan Bishop 

    @shankfx22 @wanda102 I think you both are on to something here. What if it’s just a simple matter of technology obsoleting The System’s older way of doing things?

    The System was part of the very beginning of LUST. It was created back before TPTB had been fired. And it represented an old-school way of manipulating people and seeing how they tick. Tony Robbins, Frank T.J. Mackey from Magnolia; these are very ’90s kind of figures.

    What rules in 2017? Data. Artificial intelligence. So when things go sideways and The Investors decide they’re not happy, they go in a different direction. They embrace the data-centric approach that something like iConfidant represents. And hey, guess what — it’s working.

    Perhaps there’s simply no reason for The System, or the people that created it, to even exist should iConfidant prove successful. Life or death stakes. If I were the Sinclairs, I’d try to stop it too.

     Nicole Mae 

    Noahhhhhhh. We’ve missed you, goofball. May has come and gone… So howsabout finally holding one of those System seminars we’ve been hearing about for months now?


    So if whoever is really in control of the iConfidants and the Sinclairs and their System are in competition, then the Investors like the Stick Man are a unifying presence. There can only be so much money to go around, right? The Investors want emotions. iConfidant and the System are two companies with very different strategies to collect them. The Investors could be waiting to see who wins, and it appears the Sinclairs are afraid of losing. Remember that The Investors are “The Lust Experience,” that is what we registered for. And Horace in his call to @taysavestheday said “anything that involves The Lust Experience, whether it’s Noah Sinclair, my investors, or iConfidant,” so we have our three separate entities laid out for us under that umbrella title. The difficult thing to grasp in this case is how Anoch and the cult figures into this, if indeed this corporate intrigue is what it appears. Because the Investors and the Sinclairs both have a connection to Anoch, but so far we haven’t seen that from iConfidant. There is a lot left to uncover.

     Hannah Schenck 

    @bcbishop Seeing the iConfidant seems to be the more popular choice for the community, to what lengths are the Sinclairs going to take to ensure they stay in a power position? Horace in particular I think is going to hold Sarah accountable and she will become very desperate to make things change. Maybe she will go to such drastic measures as putting Stacey and Kristin in danger

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