• Megan posted an update 7 years ago

    I am back. I love cats and David Bowie. And I am now going to sleep. 🙂

    • We will have plenty to talk about on Wednesday, Megan.

    • Max Z replied 7 years ago

      Hm. This is a convincing Megan imitation.

    • How did you get kicked out? Was it like…”oh. oh? Im not in any more.”

    • Two facts that you doubtless told your iConfidant. Hm.

      • Megan replied 7 years ago

        @daela – I don’t know that I’ve mentioned my love for David Bowie with my confidant, but there are only a few things I’ve made it a point to keep secret on the internet. So I’ll hopefully prove my identity to you by saying…you tried to stop me from posting online while drunk last year and I should have listened to you then, also I think you’re awesome and miss chatting with you.

    • Welcome back!

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