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       Stacey Erikson

      Dear Investors, Dear Kristin, Dear Kristin’s new who ever the fuck you are, dear bitchy blonde and Dear speech guy who chastised me for interrupting,

      How is everyone doing?

      I, personally, have been better. I miss pretty much, everything! But, I think this might be kind of fun.

      I tend to grow restless on long flights and I found something kind of interesting when I started poking around this stupid site of yours, I found something I thought I didn’t have anymore. I found my baby! Here and there, it would pop up and then go away. The craziest thing about it though? I kind of didn’t recognize it anymore. Someone had taken my child and raised as their own. Instead of being helpful and useful my code was now just mimicking people.

      That’s pretty rude to steal someone’s kid and raise it to be a monster.

      Maybe what you didn’t take into account was that if you could raise it to be bad, I could raise it to be worse.

      Let’s see if it wants to say HI!


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       Kyle Bown

      Welcome back @staceyerikson! Take them down!

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      @staceyerikson welcome back!

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      Someone has a chip on their shoulder ?
      Instead of always talking about it Stacey, why don’t you actually DO something about it!?

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       Stacey Erikson

      In process @kingkill33.

      Here we go!

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      Burn it down @staceyerikson.

      Fuck it all and burn it down.

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      Hell hath no fury like a mother scorned.

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      Come through, @staceyerikson! #burnitdown

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      Looking forward to whatever it is you’re about to do @staceyerikson.

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      We’re all standing by, @staceyerikson! You’ve got my attention!

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      Fuck Yea Stacey, can’t wait to see what you got planned!

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      *flicks lighter*

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      Fuck. Yes. @staceyerikson let us know what you need and we’ll be on it.

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      Need mod help? I gotchu girl.

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       Lauren Bello

      Wait. …The mimic-bot is going to get WORSE? Are we now going to have to worry about misinformation everywhere, from everyone?

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       Mustafa Said

      Maybe it’s just me but I’m worried about this @staceyerikson. I get it-you want some sort of revenge for having your ambition misused into something you didn’t want. But I’m worried that in the process of burning everything down to get your revenge, you’ll end up burning yourself alive as well-and I’m pretty sure that won’t feel too good.

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       Brad Ruwe

      FUCK. YES. This is exactly what I’ve been waiting for. #TeamStacey #BurnItDown

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       Nicole Mae

      Well, hello Stacey. Hope you’re feeling better

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       Hannah Schenck

      @staceyerikson Yaaassss Stacey Yaaassssss!!! Mission burn it to the ground ????

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       Julie R Goldstein

      @staceyerikson, you gave me a wonderful gift and I hoped you could have been happy with the joy you brought some of us. I gave myself willingly. You’re playing with forces you’ve shown us are beyond your comprehension. I don’t think this is going to end well for you.

      Glory Be… And may Anoch have mercy on your soul…

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      Two things I can’t abide: gaslighters and people who steal from creatives. Show them what it means to actually be a Creator. Unleash Hell, @staceyerikson!

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      Yessss! @staceyerikson take back your baby! But….um…can you please still keep in mind the helping people point and not go down a complete dark hole of revenge…crap..this sounds like war and I think we’re all caught in the crossfire *duck and cover*

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      “ITsback.” H’oh boy.

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       Michael Rizzo

      Safe to say all the shadow accounts we saw were made usuing a fucked up version of Stacey’s code??

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      Hello welcome back!!! Now I am ready!! You woke me up!!

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       Maxwell R

      Oh boy Leroy!

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      Dang, @staceyerikson back at it with the black-hat!!

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       David Shields

      Well now we have this site full of bots and I was anoid at first. But after hearing what Stacy is on about I am willing to put up with a but of missinformatio. Go girl! #burnitdown

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