3/12/18 – Call From a Russian

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       Kyle Bown

      So as I was driving home this evening, while Morgan and his BOS party was in full swing I got a No Caller ID call. The man had a Russian accent and, at first, referred to me as Kyle Brown. I corrected him and he then told me that something (or it may have been someone) more important had come up and he had to move my meeting. He asked if I was available Thursday. I said I was. My meeting has moved to Thursday at noon in Studio City. I asked if I was meeting with him. He told me “just be there.”

      So there we are. My meeting is Thursday in Studio City.

      I get a very clear vibe that whoever the meeting is with is negging me in advance of the meeting. Molly at one point expressed that their time was precious, unlike mine. Now the Russian gets my name wrong and tells me something more important came up.

      Why are they trying so hard to make me feel so unimportant? (Other than the obvious part where I actually am completely pointless).

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       Unseen Presence

      Why is the only question that matters.

      Because they’re showing you that you don’t matter…perhaps.

      Or perhaps they are distracted. Perhaps you’re a squeaky wheel that they’re determined to grease once and for all. Not that such might be good for you.

      Or perhaps it’s another distraction. Although it’s begun to feel much more involved then that.

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