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    1. Parameter and Application of The Waterproof Abrasive Paper Sheets
    ColorDark Green & Black & White
    Size230*280 mm or customized sizes
    Grit SizeP60-P2000
    Abrasive MaterialCalcined Alumina Oxide & Silicon Carbide
    Backing MaterialKraft and Latex Paper
    BondResin Over Resin
    Original PlaceHenan, China
    FeaturesElectrostatic coating, good wear resistance and skid resistance;
    Pretty long service life, excellent cutting performance;
    Dry and wet grinding, machine and manual operation.
    ApplicationThe Waterproof Abrasive Paper Sheets are uitable for light to heavy grinding, shaping and finishing on materials such as lacquers, paint, body fillers, glass, metal, plastic, stone and marble.
    2. How To Use The Waterproof Abrasive Paper Sheet
    ApplicationUsed for light to heavy sanding, shaping and finishing on materials such as lacquers, paint, body fillers, glass, metal, plastic, stone and marble.
    BenefitsGood toughness and long service life.
    Excellent cutting performance.
    From rough grinding to fine polishing.
    Dry and wet grinding, low grinding heat.
    3. Series Abrasive Tools We Can Provide
    Commodity: Abrasive Paper Sheet
    Grit Size: Coarse, medium, fine.
    Original Place: Henan, China
    Application: Ideal for cleaning, blending, finishing and de-burring contoured surfaces and tight spaces.
    Commodity: Mounted Flap Wheels
    Backing Material: Non-woven fabric cloth
    Size: Customized
    Application: The unique design conforms to irregular surfaces. Thanks to their flexibility and softness, the flap wheels are ideal for fine grinding of concave and convex surfaces.
    Commodity: Flap Discs
    Backing Material: Fibre Cloth
    Material: Calcined Alumina Oxide
    Features: Grinding and finishing of welds
    Excellent for surface finishing
    De-burring, rust removal and snagging
    4. FAQ
    ➢ How to choose the suitable abrasive tools?
    There are three principles: first, we should consider the chemical reaction between the abrasives and work-pieces; second, the hardness of the abrasive is of great importance; third, the sharpness of the abrasive tools; meanwhile, when using the products, we should cares the temperature, in case of burning and over-wear.
    ➢ How to use the product safely?
    For the aging problem of bond, the storage period of the bond shall be less than 1 year. If the storage beyond 1 year, we’d better check the abrasives before applying them.
    ➢ How to store the coated abrasives?
    The product shall be placed in well-ventilated place away from direct sunlight.Abrasive Sheets manufacturers

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