• There are prices I am willing to pay. A friend is not one of them. Come at ME–not them.

  • Except if we’re so beneath her, why tell us that at all?

    In my experience, people in power ONLY tell those beneath them things that they want them to know. So if we’re actually that low compared to her–if we’re only happy because…

    Oh, that’s good.

    That’s very good, Irene.

  • That call makes so much sense. Rich people don’t know what the hell Slack is. That’s what peons like us use to complain about people like them.

    But I -do- find it a little interesting that she called you specifically to berate you like that.

    A) It suggests that she could be a little petty.
    B) Or perhaps the threat was designed to generate a…[Read more]

  • I wholeheartedly agree that the questions should be about what does one desire and what does one do to get it? That’s why ‘sides’ haven’t worked for me, for instance, terribly well in any context.

    I’ve been pretty clear, I think, that what I desire is to see behind the curtain. And if that means I end up -having- to choose a side, then so be it.…[Read more]

  • I, too, have had these questions on and off.

    Having joined here before the MSE, there have been times where I have legitimately thought, “Isn’t -everyone- involved on either side actually part of the problem?” Or “I can’t join one side and joining the other side might mean aligning myself with really terrible people. So what do I–what CAN I–do…[Read more]

  • Why is the only question that matters. Always.

  • …. I literally have nothing to say here.

    I really wish I had been able to be there tonight. I’d like to have a drink with Morgan sometime and actually chat directly with him. And now I’m not even certain that he’ll still BE here when I can finally get a chance to do so.

    Why is the only question that matters. It is becoming my mantra.

    And I…[Read more]

  • Why is the only question that matters.

    Because they’re showing you that you don’t matter…perhaps.

    Or perhaps they are distracted. Perhaps you’re a squeaky wheel that they’re determined to grease once and for all. Not that such might be good for you.

    Or perhaps it’s another distraction. Although it’s begun to feel much more involved then that.

  • Trying to answer a bunch of possibilities raised here.

    One–I don’t think it’s as simple as raising the brand. After all…Morgan hasn’t -really- done that, has he? I mean yes, a few videos. But did they really get traction anywhere? The only things that I think have spread far and wide are the recent DLB interviews…which suggest that…[Read more]

  • Based on everything I see -here-, I don’t agree you should have ‘stayed off’ at all.

    I have some of the same feelings you do, @larry. It’s why I’m pushing forward with my own projects, even as I am both excited they’re going to happen and terrified at the prospect that people might hate them (OR love them. It’s somewhat terrifying either way.)…[Read more]

  • Yep. That’s what I mean by talking about the difference between characters IN HERE and people OUT THERE.

    LARPs deal with this all the time. Sometimes it’s obvious because your character is a vampire or something. But sometimes it’s just YOU ‘playing’ you. Like here. And remembering the distinction can be very liberating and freeing.

    I think the…[Read more]

  • I find a lot of the antagonism here pretty strange, given that:

    * I was never around to see Tension
    * I have no experience of Morgan as “participant” vs. Morgan “IG”. I’ve only seen the latter.
    * I have no experience for the early vs. later days of BOS. Again, I’ve only seen the latter.

    So I feel like, sometimes, that I’m seeing all of this with…[Read more]

  • I’ve considered the idea.

    As I said, I may search for this and it may not be there in any functional way.

    But I am not as certain as you are, because I -choose- to remain a Schrodinger’s cat for the time being. I am neither a believer nor a disbeliever. I am able to move in whatever direction I choose, because I -choose- to allow for the…[Read more]

  • And I will go a completely different direction than you, @larry, but for the same reasons. I’ve just said it elsewhere and I’ll say it again here–I’m thrilled that people are starting to re-think past placements and stand forth.

    As to where we go once we leap, there are multiple options. Some of them may not bear fruit immediately–but I can…[Read more]

  • What fascinates me most about these posts is how the actions on the part of @a and @111error have generated (or at least had infuence) on these changes in stance/position–in the specific absence of anything that can clearly be called OSDM/Order influence.

    Is THIS why they’ve disappeared for all intents and purposes? Did they know that by pulling…[Read more]

  • I want to quote so much of your post, Robert, and just say “YES!” to everything I quoted.

    But there are some specific things I wanted to touch on and expand with my own commentary. SUCH a great post.

    If this means that I’m doing Lust wrong, because I’m rejecting this narrative that I’m being handed, well, then, fuck it.

    But I don’t think I…

    [Read more]

  • Okay. I’m trying to reach for something here, so forgive me for a little bit of a longer post and for a potential change to current discussions. I’ve been writing this for about 40 minutes now, trying to get it clear.

    The audio of that ritual/retreat specifically talks about the idea of spilling blood, rebirth and becoming someone else. Someone…[Read more]

  • “Spirituality wants to know and experience higher states of mind and being. It wants to wrestle with angels and look the Creator(s) in the eye.”
    — Stefan Emunds

  • This is the BIGGEST question I have right now.

    Assuming the story we’ve been told is true, BOS owns the media. That means that -someone- (OSDM, the real group, some third party, SOMEONE) keeps interfering to … what, troll us? Wreak havoc for no damn reason?

    Why the hell would they even do that?
    It accomplishes nothing to tweak the nose of…[Read more]

  • Nice job. Although I don’t believe in Danny.

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