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    For those interested in conversation, we are discussing it in the #iconfidant channel on Slack but moving forward the directive seems to be not to discuss it in Tension channels, so we will not be discussing it on the boards or #on-topic

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    Hey James, there aren’t currently any performances scheduled, Lust is in a bit of a lull right now. When information comes out about future shows or developments, they’ll be posted here or on Slack, which can be joined through the link on the main page

  • Hey @gretchen1965,

    It sounds like there’s some serious stuff to unpack here but I am concerned that you’re a bit confused about the purpose of this forum. I’m going to (perhaps temporarily) close the topic until we’ve had a chance to talk. Please check your private messages

  • Hey @josephenecat! We’re in a bit of a lull right now with the recent news that all of this is about to get a much bigger audience. If you want further help catching up, we’re around chatting on the Slack channel and can specifically help over in the #catchup channel if you have questions

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    My read into it is that Irene barely gives a shit about us. We’re beneath her. She wants to tell us that we’re all fucked, and what would a rich fucker do if she wants to tell the whole store that they’re fired? She goes and tells the manager, who will tell the rest and also will know that any tiny position of power or authority anyone has won’t save them.

  • I got the “nicest” call from Irene. She talked some shit but I actually kinda appreciated her doom and gloom. Transcript is paraphrased:

    Irene – Is this Sean? Sean Rich?
    Me – Yes it is
    I – This is Irene
    M – Oh it’s so nice to finally hear from you
    I – A pleasure to finally speak with you. I understand that you help with The Lust Experience? Run…[Read more]

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    Morgan killed A. Hard. In a way that I don’t fully understand.

    Either way, accounts should be back

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    Hey @jenn, welcome!

    You’re in the right place for getting caught up, we’re also available on Slack (link on the front page) if you’d like to get realtime help with getting caught up or speaking with the community in a more chat-based setting

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    See examples:

    A: |||AN16-B805

    C: |||CN71-B805



    Morgan: |||KM79-B805

    Components, using A as the example

    – ||| = prefix, possibly message medium? Indication of which “code book” is being referenced? Present in all messages

    – A = Message sender. First two make sense. Why K for Morgan? K =…[Read more]

  • Hey @ehipple, welcome!

    Are you using the slack invite below? If that fails, feel free to send me a PM with the email you’d like to use and I can send an invite directly


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    I’m pleased to see that Morgan was quick about making moves on his promise. Among the first things that happened was this FUCK Harry made a move on Tiffany. To my great shame, I didn’t see it when it happened. I was distracted by other OSDM attendees who were pulling me from bar to table to dance floor. I didn’t protect her as I should have. That…[Read more]

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    Noah is speaking to Mason

    – Noah refers to party in question as “M” and “big guy”
    – “Half robot brain”, “Rainman” both fit for someone who has been described as HIGHLY analytical.
    – Conversation between Sabrina and Granik suggest that this isn’t a chat dump she’s sending him, it’s a bugged phone/conversation

    Assertion…[Read more]

  • Sean replied to the topic wear a bloody mask in the forum SIGHTINGS 5 years, 3 months ago

    “Ours is not to question why…”

  • I got a call as well, and Brad’s experience does clarify some things about the beginning part. When I got the call, I was in a work meeting so had to step out. To stop it from ringing I (like I always do) answer it and then tell the person I’m walking out of the office and to pleas give me a moment. OSDM staff are normally courteous and…[Read more]

  • Sean posted an update 5 years, 4 months ago

    Interesting that one of the groups pulling the strings behind the upcoming Net Neutrality vote and determining whether telecom companies can control information is the Sinclair Group

  • The woman I spoke to went by Dianne (Dianna?), but asked me much the same questions. She asked who I was taking and when I told her, I asked if I needed to spell out the name. She chuckled and mentioned that wasn’t necessary and that she already knew how to spell it. I guess I shouldn’t be altogether surprised about that.

    She was extremely…[Read more]

  • Sean posted an update 5 years, 4 months ago

    Foolishly missed 2 no caller ID calls while I was in the shower. Fuck you, hygiene.

  • Certainly fits. In Tension they saw us declare all but blind allegiance to factions we didn’t even really understand and get aggressive when we felt wronged by our perception of what those factions were.

    Playing with those rabid allegiances could and has lead to… interesting results

  • “I know sympathy and kindness do not come easily to some people around here.”

    That’s normally a byproduct of being lied to, yes.

  • Noah called my for my birthday too, back in April. Fucking stand up guy, that one

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