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    To add to the Melusine, the creature came to become associated with overarching fertility i.e. not just important to babymaking. During the medieval ages, the creature came to be associated with economic fertility in rural areas. This might have significance to the text?

  • @kevin The most plausible outcome I can see from your explanation is that this could be a sign of preparation. Even though I jokingly said that it was a ‘New Year, New You’ scenario, it wouldn’t be beyond the realm of possibility that they are preparing for some big changes. However, I can’t shake a nagging feeling that there might be something we…[Read more]

  • So my question would be, “What are we being distracted from?”

  • I mean, all parties we’ve been introduced to would have the motivation and the means if they tried hard enough.

    More importantly, all of this rings as a distraction. What should we be distracted by? The only thing I can think of is the remnants of the full moon given previous knowledge of the Lust Experience and their love of moon cycles…

  • This question has been on my mind a lot this week. Whether due to the approaching New Year or what, this question has definitely been on the tip of my tongue.

    I have avoided as much regarding Lust as possible since I left. When I left, I was not in a good place mentally. A lot of personal shit was happening out of game and cutting my involvement…[Read more]

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    So the German is in old German, which makes it a little more difficult to translate. Seems to be a monologue of sorts from Abraham to his beloved brother, who may or may not be dead. He’s talking about carrying this burden and then talks (potentially) about a girl named Mariz. I’m going to look into it deeper.

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    (Disclaimer: This was a lot easier than periscoping and I wasn’t sure if any of what happened possessed pertinent information for you all. So, I’m here to recap in case it is useful in any way, shape, or form. Some of the dialogue exchanged may be tweaked due to the massive head cold I presently have. I also realize that my tenses will be all over…[Read more]

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