• I would like to note @bcbishop’s comment in slack about the picture posted of Sabrina in the bed with Noah. He suggested that we be looking to that picture as an indication of the father. I think he’s onto something. We have been presented things before and looked past them, either distracted or thinking it’s too easy an answer. But we miss a lot…[Read more]

  • Noah dropping the bombs yet again. Well done Mr. Sinclair. Kristin yous a boss

  • It’s 8:30am and I’m guiding the maintenance man towards everything that needs to be fixed. I walk back into my room thinking “Ahhhh I can finally lay back down and sleep” until I notice that I had two missed calls from Stephanie. The past few days she had voiced to me that she was bummed about something and that we should try and find some time to…[Read more]

  • @chelsea @wanda102 @kevin She WAS his ex, but going along with this theory, perhaps he put on quite a show to make it seem like he didn’t care about her. The OSDM ruins families, tears people apart, removes free will, etc. So what if Mason played this to his favor, “turned” on Joyce to “save” her. Said she was dead to him, wanted nothing to do…[Read more]

  • Welp. That was a whopping 5 min of feel goods before the harsh truth revealed itself. RIP Lisa’s husband.

  • Hannah Schenck replied to the topic 10.4 A Task from Sabrina in the forum SIGHTINGS 4 years ago

    I’m with @thegilded on this one. I’m not buying that this wiuld be the end all to the experience

  • Hannah Schenck replied to the topic 10.4 A Task from Sabrina in the forum SIGHTINGS 4 years ago

    Bringing this from slack, why not be the wild card and go the unpredictable route? Obviously they think we will make a decision, otherwise they would have already made it for us. They want us to bicker and divide, but the unpredictable route would be to leave it up to them. It may benefit us in the long run if we start changing our methods of…[Read more]

  • Hannah Schenck replied to the topic Reduction in the forum SIGHTINGS 4 years ago

    I want to clarify some things:

    I didn’t mention that Sabrina showed up with Stephanie, because I wasn’t sure if it was IG, but they arrived together. They didn’t converse much with each other, however I did see them step away and while conversing they were looking at us.

    When Sabrina was at the bar, I noticed she was texting DLB. I saw her…[Read more]

  • Hannah Schenck replied to the topic Reduction in the forum SIGHTINGS 4 years ago

    It seems as though this is a back and forth between DLB and Sabrina to expose each other’s faults and involvement. She leaked information to me last night that he didn’t want her to do, so he exposes the conversation to deplete her credibility

  • Hannah Schenck replied to the topic Reduction in the forum SIGHTINGS 4 years ago

    @addisonborn I got the feeling it was more on the side of she has no other options. She could totally be playing into my inner desire to help those in need, but she came off as in distress. She was fidety, drinking her drink nervously, and when she was texting she seemed very cold and emotionless. We are responsible for this, but I also got the…[Read more]

  • Hannah Schenck started the topic Reduction in the forum SIGHTINGS 4 years ago

    I was at Cloak & Dagger last night with the usuals, when Sabrina walks in. She is holding a manilla envelope and was constantly texting someone. She happened to be standing next to us at the bar and would look over from time to time. At some point her and I are standing next to each other and we make the awkward eye contact. She leans in and says…[Read more]

  • What a disturbing phone call to listen to…

    I think pointing fingers here is counterproductive and a distraction. Any choice made would have had consequences that would be pinned on us. It’s never going to be pretty.

    What are the actions taken during this “downsizing”? The thing they said would never happen or they never talk about?

    How…[Read more]

  • Hannah Schenck replied to the topic Calls 9/28 from MyChild in the forum CONJECTURE 4 years ago

    I received a call from a 424 number around 12:16pm, however, I was on set and didn’t answer. They didn’t leave a message or call back so I didn’t think too much of it. Since I have been terribly absent from Lust due to being on several projects at once, I figured all calls to me and interactions would cease, so I didn’t even think it could have…[Read more]

  • Damn, it has officially jumped to a whole nother level.. and that’s saying a lot after what happened last night.

  • Perhaps having Joyce dead is a layered benefit for Mason. Not only is it a bold message and hopeful blow to the OSDM, maybe Joyce had a personal involvement with Mason and his family? Maybe Mason holds a personal vendetta towards Joyce that links to the splitting of his family?

  • Seems like he’s still cleaning up people’s messes… even though he has a part in it all, he may feel he is less resppnsible for her death if he’s just disposing of her. Regardless he does not care. The ex mentioning is interesting and I wonder if we have already met her? This again goes back to @tanyathompson mentioning that the OSDM destroys…[Read more]

  • I personally believe that Briarberg IS another OSDM, with similar based goals. I think we are in for a crazy, fucked up ride folks. Their mission may very well be to rebirth us with new ideals and new insight…

  • @cass

    I can’t believe he chose his cover photo by chance!

    I’m certain his photo was chosen very careful and with calculation. It’s a bigger picture of what’s to come from Mason and perhaps the Briarberg Foundation

  • @meghanmayhem You bring up a good point referencing Noah and his interest in esoteric Egyptian artifacts, because honestly I had forgotten about this. Perhaps as a child, he was simply repeating something he saw or heard being spoken about. And like you said, he has removed himself from the family and OSDM, so what are the greener pastures he…[Read more]

  • Amidst everything that has been happening with Mason, we have been trying to determine what his end goal is and the Briarberg Foundation’s involvement. I found Mason’s cover photo on fb to be intriguing since he mentioned he’s in pursuit of science, so I reverse image searched it and it turns out it represents the Flower of Life, sacred geometry…[Read more]

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