• Ok here’s what I’m getting from all this but I’m new so I could be making a mess of things.
    Noah has killed Horace to raise Sabrina (the Vessel’s) child My first thought was that he was the father, but the note specifically says that the son could not become a father. So if Noah isn’t the father, who is?

  • Sorry guys- picked this up a few hours ago but had some company! This is from Panpipes:

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    @sfire8, The finale on sunday was our second visit to Lust. We went the night before, saw that more tickets had been released and decided to have another go at it. We signed up for one of the earlier slots. A couple hours later I got a call saying that we were being moved to the 11:30 slot and we would want to be there. Once we got to the 11:30…[Read more]

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    @argentrose I completely apologize for not answering your last message. I was feverishly ill and bedridden the entire week leading up to the MSE and was sleeping for close to 18 hours a day. I’m so thankful (SO SO thankful) that I got over the illness right in time for saturday but I’ve thought about you more than once and was wondering what your…[Read more]

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    @superstar I was actually just mentioning on slack that I had an accidental conversation with the driver on sunday night because I thought my date was still in the building and he had my carkeys so they sent someone to go look for him and the driver was my keeper. From our conversation, if pressed, I would say that the driver is firmly OSDM.

  • @missdahlianoir– I’m very sorry to hear you won’t be able to attend the midseason event. I am happy to be your eyes and your ears and to recount to you the experience in detail. Right now I’m trying to make a list of all the names that I’ve been seeing on the forums. If I make anything worthwhile I’ll share it with you.

  • @lilmsfancpants– yeah, I heard about that. Apparently we’re all in the process of being messsed with. Yes, I’m attending the mid season event. I’m very curious as to how the OSDM is going to present themselves when they “open their doors” to us. It seems like no one is innocent here. Doing my best to follow the events as they’ve already happened.…[Read more]

  • If @missdahlianoir is late to the party, then I’m not sure what I am! Been lurking for months on the board but still overwhelmed at the sheer amount of information. This googledoc has been incredibly helpful but I’m still not sure who to trust.It seems that everyone and everything leads back to the OSDM, even if we were lead to believe otherwise.…[Read more]

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