• Adding to the JP insta weirdness, I was scrolling through my feed a few minutes ago, and got a notification that JP was streaming something. I checked the account and saw that I was the only follower besides Cristen. The stream was a black screen, with Goyte’s “Somebody That I Used To Know” playing in the background, and occasional driving…[Read more]

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    Do you have any suggested books or articles about these rituals? This is exactly the kind of thing I’m a huge nerd for. I did a section in my bachelor’s thesis about occult festivals in revolutionary era Paris, so this is RIGHT up my alley!

  • I was with you on slack, but wanted to throw my hat in the ring here for posterity, too. My goals have always been to help those who’re trapped, or being held against their will. Healing, not destructive. I have never wanted to fight with fire, though I respect those who do. I think this is a really interesting proposition, though, and given the…[Read more]

  • Okay here’s some brain dump as I try to work things out based on what we learned about the red room today. At the MSE, I was told by Skye to find a red candle in the red room, and use that and the anoch pages to form a seal of some kind. The seal would help things, but she wasn’t sure of exactly what. If we’ve going with the explanation that the…[Read more]

  • From the Crooked Path, courtesy of Kevin.

    “The ceremonies were over before most began as the vessel had already claimed her role.”

    Sabrina was the vessel all along. The other ceremonies were just for show. Hmmmmm.

  • After I was told to find the torn out pages and the mysterious red candle in the red room, I asked Stephanie about them in the ritual room and she shut me down real quick, saying I’d be in big trouble if I was caught talking about those items. Seems like someone really doesn’t want us talking about the pages, despite them being all over the pla…[Read more]

  • Team “find the candle” here too! I wasn’t given the instruction to bring the pages to be translated, and she didn’t mention that other people may have the candle, but other than that I got the same instructions. Unfortunately, I never had a chance to follow through with either of them, I was shut down whenever I asked about it. I’m wondering…[Read more]

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    Can confirm that Darren was in the skull mask, and Gordon was in the Bauta mask. They both had friends in my group. Gordon revealed himself to his friends as we exited the building, and Darren’s friend recognized him immediately while were were in the dressing room, even with the mask on.

    From a production standpoint, what a brilliant way to keep…[Read more]

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  • Reposting this from Slack with some detail added.

    Last night was my first experience with The Experience, and needless to say I dove in headfirst! I was in an earlier group (8:30) before all the crazy shit went down, and from the first room, I noticed that many of the girls being kept at the compound were being horribly mistreated. So, I made it…[Read more]

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