• We’ve been chatting in the Slack today, following a TMC puzzle and a call to expose the OSDM, about sides and paths and our comfort around declaring them. I have said often I’m not sure where I stand — partially because I often stand with people not groups. I’m a sucker for charisma perhaps.

    And so I received a call from Morgan. Guess we truly a…[Read more]

  • Sam replied to the topic Email from OSDM in the forum SIGHTINGS 4 days, 8 hours ago

    Subject: 91505

    Their notes are written, read and then destroyed. Today, you have the ability to intercept.

    Be careful.

    Be confident.

    Be Safe.

    Tranquility is vital and it’s lost if you feel rage,
    so purify your working space with smoke from burning sage,
    the heat is overwhelming if you’re standing near the fire,
    but there’s a Beard…
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  • Sam replied to the topic Email from OSDM in the forum SIGHTINGS 4 days, 8 hours ago

    Their notes are written, read and then destroyed.

    Also this sounds very much like a reference to the torn Creators letter that @bcbishop received.

  • Sam replied to the topic Email from OSDM in the forum SIGHTINGS 4 days, 8 hours ago

    A “Reversing Candle” could be a spell candle in the store where the note might be dropped?

  • Yeah I’m thinking back to the letter that @bcbishop got and that it felt like Darren was calling Clint out on letting things slip (not destroying communication, using email still) and not pushing enough maybe. So that fits with the on script/off script moment here.

    But I’m with @erisbonn that I’d like to know how in the hell Morgan heard the i…[Read more]

  • Sam replied to the topic Alchemy and LUST in the forum SPECULATION 1 week, 6 days ago

    Okay. So. I just read through the entirety of the first link @nothenrygale shared, and I’ve created a Google Doc with all the quotes that seemed relevant to us. It’s a lot, so I apologize ahead of time, but basically, we are solidly looking at an alchemy connection, and not just with the idea that “everything changes” but like as a common thread…[Read more]

  • J RX332ik2b4
    Jack I know two before
    Mason knew two of the members of OSDM before all of this, Noah and (presumably) Horace

    (idk y’all I’m just trying to see where this goes)

  • Re: mysterious sender, y’all got me thinking. All we know is that they’re “someone who collects letters with seals”. Collects seals. Who was looking for seals at the MSE? Who could benefit from the potential reveal of lies about DLB and CS being in control?

    The seal that stops this all. This stops something — it potentially shows the Master is…[Read more]

  • Okay. Current thoughts:

    1.) if DLB is suspicious of being monitored, he may have made Clint tear up the letter after reading (“you know what to do”).

    2.) “enact their addendum” definitely makes me think that this connects to a contract, I.e. the investors or actors or whomever put an addendum into their contract with DLB and CS that if things…[Read more]

  • @meghanmayhem I like this train of thought, but then my question is who are they whistleblowing? It seems odd that it would be the OSDM in light of all the MSE drama, particularly re: old vs new OSDM and debates of how to proceed with everything?

  • Okay, but where does this leave us re: the previous Tension ending? Correct me if I’m mistaken (as I wasn’t around for any of this), but the OOA was revealed at the Tension finale to be a ruse by the OSDM to collect emotional data, Sabrina was not brainwashed, everything was fake. And we were under the understanding, as well, that the OSDM was a…[Read more]

  • ((Please let me know if this would be better posted in Sightings. I still am not sure where what should go.))

    My pretty, I will eat you,
    and when I eat you you
    will shine so brightly within me
    I will tear myself open
    for the joy of seeing you again.

    Then it will be dawn.
    The blood of my desire
    will paint the sky.

    Only you and I will know
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  • Sam replied to the topic Anointment Q&A for Newcomers in the forum SIGHTINGS 2 months ago

    <3 <3 <3 this is amazing, @daela

  • Sam replied to the topic MSE Accounts in the forum SIGHTINGS 2 months ago

    I was thinking it would be the same thing, all data mining, until she gave my reading.

    What Anna said to me I did not disclose in my ticket answers, or in Slack, or the forums, or publicly on Facebook. It’s something I talk about a lot with friends, but not publicly.

  • Sam replied to the topic Narratives and the MSE in the forum SIGHTINGS 2 months ago

    If the MSE was all another fiction, does that mean that all the Anoch/Honoring/Anointed pieces were fiction? That Sabrina is not pregnant (attention again or part of a script)? That the Stephanie piece was indeed to lure BOS out into the open, and particularly with the encouraging folks to stand/leave with them, to show who is a traitor to the…[Read more]

  • Sam posted a new activity comment 2 months, 1 week ago

    you have to go too far to know how far is too far ;P

  • Thank you, @salamandrina73!

    Also, I’m noting from what you mentioned the “mask wearing” and “loosening of social mores” as also being particularly applicable.

  • Sam posted an update 2 months, 1 week ago

    You have to go too far to know what too far is.

  • After a day of musing on different theories in Slack regarding Noah, Tim, Sabrina, Mason, leaked names, etc., @larry made a fantastic point that what we had missed in all our theorizing was the connection to the divine feminine. And the connections therein are pretty numerous.

    Traditionally, feminine energy has been associated with magick,…[Read more]

  • Also, though, to mess with that a little more, not everyone has received the ground rules email, but I think we’ve all received the TMC email. So we’ll be masked, unsure of who’s who around us, potentially at different addresses, unsure of whether folks are Steph or Stef, and some of us will be treating this as theatre with rules and some of us ma…[Read more]

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