• If anyone has ever experienced a sound bath you know that frequencies can send you into another world. I know that there are supposed “sound drugs” that some claim have driven them mad.
    The use of weaponized sound is completely plausible.
    We still don’t know exactly how the helmet worked and it definitely covered the users ears. could this be the…[Read more]

  • Sean replied to the topic Reflections in the forum SPECULATION 5 years, 4 months ago

    @mistere – Follow the steps below:

    1. Save image to your device
    2. Go to imgur.com
    3. Upload image, green button in top corner
    4. Once image is done being uploaded, right click and select “Save image address”
    4a. If you’re on mobile, instead press and hold on the image and select “Save image address”
    5. Come here, go to the post section and click…[Read more]

  • Some awesome advice in here!

    “Only the active move forward”/”Be active” is an all around type of mantra, not just based here on the forums. When Tension started, people made flyers and handed them out, they made videos for school projects, they had photoshoots, people created blogs just to write about their experiences, etc etc. Granted, all of…[Read more]