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    NYC runs 24 hours a day, plenty of time for shenanigans later…..

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    We are all spokes on the cog, and our actions create the winding action, and together slowly we are all turning the crank with our interactions and energy.

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    @shankfx22 Well said, excellent observation and statement.

    *I added your quote to the FB post, cause it’s so good I think more should see it.

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    I’m ready for 1pm today! I’ll actually be around for what is to come today.
    Alarm set for 12:50pm.

    “I pledge my desire for their sacrifice and freedom”
    Never Silent

  • @joycecarlberg has asked us many questions, and a number of us have spent time answering questions, speculating, trying to figure out what the angle is or what we are always missing. Then to be told, nope no hidden messages you missed. With so many people meeting, interacting and engaging it’s actually really cool to see in return she did…[Read more]

  • @joycecarlberg is a breath of fresh air, whomever you are working for, whatever your long term endgame really is, you gathered all of us together in a slack, it was a brilliant long term strategy, no matter what happens with it going forward, and it’s been a valuable resource to gain insight,share theories and connect with everyone at…[Read more]

  • It’s been said by @bryan, @kevin and @wanda102 that Joyce was a hugger, and it stood out to them when they met her I recall.

    In Joyce’s last message ” I shall scratch your little back and you may, well, I would rather not be touched but perhaps you can finally understand that I mean business and that I get what I want, when I want it.”

    It just…[Read more]

  • Damn, that’s a crazy way to end your night @thebuz It’s sounds to me like something is still missing maybe there’s a hidden message within the paper itself. Or it’s entirely possible Joyce just likes to fuck with us an community to see how we will react.

    Here’s a few techniques, I think it’s def possible that holding up a candle to the…[Read more]

  • This is interesting, when I first saw it I thought it meant only one person, and the more I think about it I don’t actually think that’s the only one.

    Could it be only one faction/group/family? Only one could maybe be a person or character we’ve met or have yet to meet. From the past experiences, things are often not what they seem and we are…[Read more]

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    @bruinbown That actually does seem like a solid answer, I went back and watched the periscope, as I wasn’t there that day, that makes sense.

    The way Sarah talked to me, it felt like there was more to say, but we had to go because we were being watched. (her words)

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    Interesting topic:
    Personally I still have no idea why I got the warning, when I met with Sarah Sinclair, after she highjacked my meeting with Stacy, and she took me to a park. At the park she warned me not to go to the iConfidant meet up. I didn’t go to the meet up, and never heard back from Sarah or Stacy again.

  • Great idea, having a place that everyone can discuss events in real time could become important, and play a factor in the future. Also this brings everyone together so if info needs to get out there and discussed it can be discussed with everyone.

    Looking forward to seeing where the future of this leads us together as a community.

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  • @thebuz Thanks for the clarification. @nothenrygale I’m sure she’ll show up sooner or later, my thinking is she’ll show up in an unexpected and surprising way, and thought perhaps she’s involved in this.

    New chapter; new players, also a likely option.

  • @thebuz That’s bizarre, has anything like this ever happened in the history of Lust or Tension? That seems out of place, like this is something being planted by someone else. Like a long con or a set up of sorts.

    Here’s an idea, maybe your emails to Lust are being intercepted, and someone is working from the inside. Is is possible that this is…[Read more]

  • Been thinking about this, and figured I should hit the forums. When have we last seen Sarah Sinclair? I’ve emailed her and still never heard back from her since we met, and she warned me not to got to the iConfidant meet up.

    *I didn’t go to the iConfidant meetup (I ended up getting stuck in management meeting).
    Awhile ago I got a call from…[Read more]

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    @kortneydarling Take my money! That’s an awesome proof of concept, I think making a deck of cards of all the key characters is an excellent idea. You could easily set up a small kickstarter or indiegogo for the deck of cards, I would certainly pay you for a deck. Your art is work is fantastic, I also really enjoyed the “Never Silent” piece you…[Read more]

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    Still wrapping my brain around last nights events, although I said it would be cool if Sabrina was someone’s IConfidant, I never imagined she’d be all of them….

  • @wanda102 Thank you for constantly doing this, what was it like to be sitting in that room and to see Sabrina was all of our iconfidants, that blew my mind. I speculated she could be someone’s iconfidant, but never imagined she’d be all of them.

    @sfire8 What I feel Sabrina/ Addison/ whoever she is calling her self, got inside all of our heads.…[Read more]

  • Got my ticket, looking forward to see where the rabbit hole leads, and maybe just maybe met a women who works as a chef in LA, who goes by the handle Blue 56….

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