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    Truthfully, I don’t remember the specifics there because her reading of me was intense as hell.

    I also got “read” by Anna.

    Throughout my visit, I kept wondering about all the data mining hubbub we’ve been told/warned about…and then I met “The Beast” and it all made sense.

    In my opinion, that was it. She didn’t read us at all. N…[Read more]

  • @bcbishop – So cynical you are nowadays. I want what you want, to know the answers. To know the truth. To have Episode VIII be better than VII.

  • @remrelganaps – It was definitely his idea. I don’t know for sure, but it seemed like he had been there before and that he really liked it there. Also, that was the first time he dropped that his “real” name is “John”. Maybe being there triggered a memory of his past.

    Here’s the link for that day -…[Read more]

  • It’s been a while since I’ve posted a ” Mike’s Crazy Theory™ “, but this email sparked a memory.

    Back in April of this year, @mkarrett, @rizzzoooooo, and I met with Otis….at House of Pies. He ordered….a slice of strawberry cream pie. Are these specific points in the email just a coincidence, or is it more?

    Sometimes, I’ll listen to…[Read more]

  • I’m not going to say much. Friendships are tricky things. Friends are tricky things. They can surprise you.

    He’s a smart guy.

    I can’t respond to all of the questions. I don’t have answers.

  • You guys haven’t seen much of me recently. The last few days, I have been rearranging a few things in my life.

    Gotta admit it freaked me a bit. Please, I do ask… have sympathy for a friend of mine who seems to be wrestling with a few things. I know sympathy and kindness do not come easily to some people around here.

    I choose to have faith in…[Read more]

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    I have to give the story a little background. A couple weeks ago, I posted about the call I got from Mary. While I was on the call with her, I got call waiting from another “No Caller ID” number. Because I didn’t pick up, they kept calling back. I finally got off the phone with Mary and was able to answer the call…and it was Mason. The…[Read more]

  • This morning, around 11am, I received a “No Caller ID” call. I was offsite at a meeting with a vendor. It hadn’t started yet, so I was able to run outside to take it.

    It was a man and he kept asking if I knew who it was. The voice did not sound familiar to me, but he kept asking me. Because I was by the side of the road and cars were going by,…[Read more]

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    He was done with this in-game, out-of-game horseshit.

    he’d called from a No Caller ID number


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    @bcbishop – just because we don’t agree on things doesn’t mean I’m not doing my best to help

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    She mentioned that she felt that she had a close relationship with “me” based on everything she was inputting into the computer. I’m not sure if she was “assigned” to me or not, but it sounds like she might have been. She said she had nowhere left to run, so I’m not sure if that was a prompt for me to help her or not. I’ll just give her @bcbishop[Read more]

  • Mike started the topic Call from Mary – 10/9 in the forum SIGHTINGS 3 years ago

    I was just about to leave work when I got a call. It was a woman on the other end that sounded very frightened. She started off by telling me that I didn’t know her but she knew me. She was one of the ones that was inputting my data. She would listen to the podcasts and read the forums and would put all of that into the computer.

    She said that…[Read more]

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    This is a stretch, but I’m trying to piece together why Mason/Briarberg and assumingly, Sabrina are involved in this.

    What if Briarberg is basically a suicide squad of sorts? At the Briarberg meeting, we met a few of the Ascension cast who all had horrible stories about how they got involved and what had happened with their time. Myles even said…[Read more]

  • @kevin – She did ask me to disguise my voice. Sorry for not including that in my post :/

  • @maenicole – Nothing is random <3

  • @coryphella – Not necessarily the same situation as this. You never pull the same trick/heist/job twice because you start forming a pattern and are caught more easily. Even though the insurance fraud would be the same thing, the way to get to that point could be changed. I don’t think they’d have more fires with Anoch churches being the…[Read more]

  • @coryphella – right? It’s just theorizing based on where money could possibly come from, but if it is from insurance, I think we might be onto something

  • @bcbishop My anger is for another thread at another time, right now, let’s just focus on these calls and figure out what’s going on.

    My call came in at around 5:30

    @kevin – I was thinking something like that. Perhaps this was the company’s insurance money for “accidental employee death” or something like that? If they’re paying for college…[Read more]

  • Reading through Bryan’s post, this will no doubt come back to bite us in the ass. It feels pretty good? You did this all on your own got all these people money. It does feel good right?

    Bullshit. The money came from somewhere. It’s blood money. @bcbishop You’re going to have a target on your back because of this from someone. There’s no way OSDM…[Read more]

  • I also got a call.

    Phone rang and it was Sabrina. Right away I could tell she was in a different demeanor. Definitely more serious/straight to the point. She told me to get a pen and paper and to write down 4 questions.

    1) Your son ***** is 17 correct?
    2) He wanted to attend (insert college name here), but wasn’t ready was he? Why?
    3) How much…[Read more]

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