• I’m not sure it’s fair to attribute things like the website bio to Noah as an individual, at least not with absolute certainty. Since the beginning this has been the tale of two Noahs, with his real world behavior constantly putting his company on the defensive as they try to spin and sanitize. To me the original System website and the press…[Read more]

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    @bcbishop My intention for sharing this quote was much simpler than how it’s being taken. @111error misses being around all of us. He misses going to meetups, taking shots on CAPS, having no barrier between him and his friend group. Both in and out of game he has made a sacrifice. When he said it hurt him to hear someone didn’t consider him a part…[Read more]

  • Chris replied to the topic Part 2 in the forum SIGHTINGS 1 week, 6 days ago

    For what it’s worth, in the brief interval between @julierei‘s periscopes, @111error told us that out of all the things said today, he was most hurt by @bcbishop‘s assertion that Morgan was no longer part of The One and had become part of “them.” He still sees his involvement as a sacrifice for us. This video would seem to support that.

  • Another possible chapter in the saga of the Boy Who Cried Wolf. We saw Joyce bloodied and crying— Chelsea saw her in a trunk. @russell was tied up hanging from a pipe, now he pleads for help in a secret note. We’re all predisposed to have sympathy for Russell, but how many reversals will we fall for before seeing the pattern? Of course, rec…[Read more]

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    It’s not concrete, but when Otis reactivated for a moment on September 19th, that longwinded and fairly graphic status was also addressed to a Tim.

    Tim and Otis 1
    Tim and Otis 2

    …and then the next day you got a baby faced puckered ass kid in a suit telling you that you must have had a bad dream again and you need another spa treatment. Pay me and I’ll keep on keepin…

    [Read more]

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    I knew who it was before he opened the door. The voice that got me into the Tension Experience. clear. @mike committed the most soul-forsaking act we could have imagined for him and he did it as an audition. If this is where he chooses to start, he’ll stop at nothing. What more could a potential employer ask for?

  • The most confusing part of Michelle’s activities for me is her appearance at the book party seemingly cooperating with Horace. What happened within the OSDM/possibly Briarberg between November and February? And what specifically happened to Michelle between the book party and her visit with Buz?

  • The more I rewatch her speech the more it feels like she’s commandeering the event as a display of defiance as much for her “superiors” as us, rather than acting FOR the OSDM. I get the sense that Michelle (Briarberg?) developed and pioneered this emotional data mining process FOR the OSDM, while working on Tension, and now this year with Lust it…[Read more]

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    I agree with Silence, because we’re looking for weakness. Data, emotion, lust, all of those are also correct, but they provide strength. The absence of them creates weakness, and that absence is created through silence. So all of the above, but only Silence will achieve the desired result. Trust that Joyce at least knew what she was talking about.…[Read more]

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    Sounds like @mike should be on standby for a call from an old friend. Time for dessert, Mr. Tattoo.

    @chelsea I would guess Timothy Grannik, Sarah Sinclair’s main squeeze of the OC Meetup and Macy leaks fame. Unless Otis/John is cussing out the baby Sinclair.

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    I think it’s the second, @lazysmartperson. She isn’t capable of acting on her own here, too used to taking orders from the big guy. We shouldn’t be letting the iConfidants lecture us on matters of morality. I’d like to know how much the OSDM’s needle jumped when their own people heard a woman had been killed, Sabrina included. Their instruments…[Read more]

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    Not to cast aspersions, but perhaps the whole point is that she indeed “wanted to drop it,” and while Mason may be in control, it is an entirely consensual control where Megan has willingly aligned with Mason. When she returned to Slack yesterday, I got no impression that she had changed in any way. She wasn’t oddly robotic like Andy in his last…[Read more]

  • One is meant to intrigue those who know everything, one is meant to attract those who know nothing.

  • I think Briarberg’s “deprogramming” is legitimate, but it technically might be better to call it repotting, because there is no third choice in their eyes. They want to take each us out of the OSDM plot and use us to create a garden in their own dirt instead. They’re violently ripping us up by the roots and at this point I don’t think they care if…[Read more]

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    “The retreats break you. I asked to do it. To advance. To move up. I knew that they would psychologicially torture me, but they did things that I wasn’t ready for. Dark things. Sexual things. Yes, Mason, fucking crazy fucking things.”

    From our experiences with Joyce, I would take this as the deeper truth more readily than a typed…[Read more]

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    I’m with you, @chelsea. Violence of that kind is awful in general, but I was largely baffled by last night’s reaction. @joycecarlberg said she took no pleasure in her part of whatever atrocities happened at the retreat, but she participated none the less. In her most vulnerable moment she admitted to bald ambition, doing what she thought was…[Read more]

  • This is chilling. They’re going to save us whether we want to be saved or not. There is no getting out. They WILL win, and our options are to willingly plug ourselves into Briarberg or face the full force of their logical persuasion. A second conquering force masquerading as liberators. Noah was right. We’re ants.

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    @rizzzoooooo this asks more questions than it answers. What, in @111error‘s view, is the difference between Mason and Jack? How did he and Jack meet in the first place, was he referred to Morgan by Briarberg? And is Morgan saying that he doesn’t trust the entire org and that despite Jaime’s calmer tone, they endorse what happened to @joycecarlberg?

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    It’s true, people don’t give enough credit to Professor Rubik for his wacky, colored cube.

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    A lot of people have made the connection between the field the actors were vanned to during Ascension and the one Tina told @nothenrygale about in Spring, but its important to keep the timeline in mind and remember that these must be two totally different locations. Interesting that Lisa characterized her place as emanating this intense heat while…[Read more]

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