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    It has scrapers and two high-speed rotors with a blade were installed in the machine’s chassis. chassis rotates as clockwise, rotor and scraper rotate as counterclockwise. Rotor speed is higher than the speed of the chassis. Because chassis and rotor has an opposite movement, and the speed is different, so the sand of the chassis obtains different speed difference. Sand grains produce corresponding friction force and shear force, which causes the grinding, mixing, broken. This kind of machine not only mix with high efficiency, and the sand after mixing is good quality.
    Mainly used for casting workshop sand mixed, either mixed single machine molding sand can be mixed dry film sand, hard sand, the sand surface and core sand, glass, ceramics, refractories, etc. can also be used industry mixed a variety of powder, granular materials.
    Technical parameters
    Diameter of diskmmφ2000φ2500
    Feeding amount of one timekg15003000
    Power of scrapingkw3790
    Power of rotor-motorkw2*18.52*37
    Rating of rotor-motorrpm34.526
    Rotating speed of rotorrpm270350Sand Mixer Machine factory

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