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    Solar powered, Intensity: >32.5cd, ICAO Compliant, 5-7km Visibility range, waterproof IP68. Completely self contained. Adjust brightness at four levels, 25%,50%,75% 100%. Adjust flashing pattern to steady-on pattern.
    1.Product Parameters
    Aviation is the source for cost- efficient, scalable, and flexible solar airfield lighting solutions. Our durable airfield systems install within hours for maintenance-free operations without grid power, buried cable or airfield electrical vaults. With rugged, wire-free designs and sophisticated solar energy management systems, Carmanah products are ideally suited for use at locations around the globe.
    10KM Visibility range, solar powered, super bright LED. Can be used for telecommunication towers, buildings, chimney etc…
    1). Autonomy time up to 20 days
    2). Three switches: ? can switch from flashing to steady ? can switch on/off power
    3). Can adjust brightness at four levels at 25% 50%,75% and 100%
    4). Nominal night range 4.5~10 km
    5). Completely waterproof IP68
    6). Five colors: (Red, Green, Blue, White, Yellow)
    7). UV resistant PC lens
    8). Solar panel powered
    9). Maintenance free
    10).Easy-to install, takes minutes
    11).Self contained&compact
    12).Completely waterproof IP68
    14).Phosphoric acid lithium battery (LFP battery)
    1).2-4.5km of nominal night range
    2).Autonomy time up to 15 days
    3).Completely waterproof IP67
    4).5 colors: (Red, Green, Blue, White, Yellow)
    5).UV resistant PC lens
    6).Solar powered, no cables
    7).Easy-to install, takes minutes
    8).Self contained&compact
    1.Induction switch
    2.Flashing pattern (Flash or Steady-on)
    3.Magnet installation
    1). 4~7km of nominal night range
    2). Autonomy time up to 20 days
    3). Completely waterproof IP68
    4). 5 colors: (Red, Green, Blue, White, Yellow)
    5). UV resistant PC lens
    6). Solar powered, no cables
    7). Easy-to install, takes minutes
    8). Self contained&compact
    9). CE,ROSH
    1.Remote controller
    2.Magnet base
    Product Details:
    HAN300 & HAN500
    Application Show:
    Package:Solar Aviation Obstruction Light manufacturers

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