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    @chloe This is an interesting idea, but just doesn’t track for me. There’s a difference between renaming a local business that has a strong customer base and renaming one that you’re convinced has done terrible things. Extreme example, but if you bought Blackwater and wanted to do something different with it, actually, in total opposition to it…[Read more]

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    By the time it got to me, I had kind of figured it was going to be Morgan. When he picked up, I didn’t catch his voice right away, so gave my full name when he asked who I was like a dope. We covered a lot of the same stuff, so I’ll try and hit what hasn’t been discussed already.

    I asked how long he had had the page that he posted and he said for…[Read more]

  • Makes Horace sound like a willing martyr. Odd. Why would he accept this? How would it benefit anyone, in his eyes?

    Horace was big on a predestination thing, so if there were prophecies concerning Noah assuming the throne by killing him, he may have been willing.

    That could reflect on why Noah’s choice was a sacrifice as well. If he gave up his…[Read more]

  • Got my letter and it says:

    crooked path letter

  • A word scramble? Adorable, but weird.

    I’m not sure it was intended to be difficult. Along with the art doled out over a period of time, ending with a quote, and then words from Tension and Lust, we got a reminder of what led us to this point. I’m curious about the email address because surely we don’t need outreach at this point. (As @kasch[Read more]

  • Update from Slack:

    A new IG post popped up, but it didn’t match where we thought it would.

    Then A showed up in Slack and said, “You don’t see it because you believe you already have it. First, admit you know nothing. And then move toward education.”

    Two more IG posts (with some indecipherable writing) went up (and it looks like they belong o…[Read more]

  • I don’t really know that the two situations are the same. And I don’t know that we can assume Sarah was delivering that recording on behalf of any form of resistance.

    If the resistance had tapped Darren’s phone, and then released a recording of him blackmailed, I’d still say there were issues. Yes, they were doing it to ostensibly help him, but…[Read more]

  • we know phones have been monitored by the OSDM…it would make sense if BOS is doing the same

    If BOS has tapped Darren and Clint’s phones, that crosses some lines.

  • Probably not the biggest deal in the long run, but who wrote the script? Was it Clint? Or is someone else involved in writing portions of this?

  • If the lesson of Tension was that we spend too much time passively living our lives through intermediated screens instead of being present, the lesson of Lust thus far could be that we spend too much time worrying about if we fit into this or that comfy tribal bubble — instead of being courageous enough to take hold of our own personal n…

    [Read more]

  • @coryphella I think the calls you’re thinking of were one to @addisonborn here and maybe one to Buz here. I remembered one being the second side of Addison’s call as well and it doesn’t look like Buz’s is it, but it kind of fits timeline wise. There’s also a text conversation that was leaked to @bcbishop here that fits in with this.

  • “someone who enjoys finding letters with seals.”

    At first, seeing this made me think of A. I can’t really say why, maybe just the lack of caps. Could fit in with the A who was supposedly fired.

    Second thought was that it could be Joyce. She was the last one to deliver letters with seals. A total reach, but I couldn’t help myself.

    Third tho…[Read more]

  • Thirdly… I don’t know. Somebody help me out here.

    I don’t even know where to go with this. I’ve been holding fast to the idea that the papers and sealing something were all part of a fiction aimed to mislead us. I see this as some sort of confirmation. In some ways, assuming the Joyce seal and the MSE seal would have been the same, it would amo…[Read more]

  • “Then you’re smart enough to realize that their words are all lies, all of it. They’re just two lonely men trying to get attention. So STOP GIVING THEM A PLATFORM.”

    I’ve been beating this particular drum on Slack quite a bit, but to me, this still feels orchestrated to give cover to DLB and CS. Or to Cecilia. Or to DLB, CS, and Cecilia…[Read more]

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    Test topic

  • @creepsociety mentioned it too, but killing all of their social is a big blow to Lust from a moneymaking perspective. It’s how the experience spreads and people learn what it is. Which is why I’m not sold on this as a distraction technique, losing that presence is a huge deal.

    I can see the picture of the pages being a symptom of what just…[Read more]

  • I feel like an asshole for even suggesting it, but this sort of feels in line with people getting what they want. People have been looking for a way to stop the OSDM and at Anointment, there are pages conveniently scattered all over. Pages that some people are told can help stop things through a ritual involving a red candle somewhere on the…[Read more]

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    The first thing that came to mind with the serpent on the cross was the unraveling of the Ouroboros. It’s no longer eating it’s own tail and the circle has been broken.

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    I don’t remember Morgan saying anything about this until the walk back. He was very specifically referencing Tom Barrow, who was Addison’s father in the fiction of Ascension.

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    I took it at the time as an aggressive “You know me!” As in, You know what I’ll do if you don’t step aside.

    I took it that way at the time too, but kind of weird in retrospect. And odd that DLB would be acting as a bouncer in any capacity. It sounds like Deacon was inside, but there must have been someone else, or even a group that could have gi…[Read more]

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