• You have more info on this than almost anyone else at this point, so I’m sure you’ll make the best decision for you. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts if and when you choose to share them.

  • Wow Kortney. That’s easily got to be play of the year, right there. And you are absolutely right about things not adding up with how the letter allows Morgan to find Sarah (at least, the connection is not immediately obvious). So assuming Morgan is telling the truth, and the BOS actually does have a lead on Sarah, there was something to your…[Read more]

  • Err… Was there a point to all of that?

  • Wow, still getting caught up, but that’s taking a third option if I’ve ever seen it.

  • Morgan might not have been doing “what he thought was right” before because he was trusting in TPTB to set the course and playing his part, if you will. But now something had happened to force Morgan to deviate from that course and set his own.

  • It’s interesting that Morgan won’t talk. Perhaps he suspects you of something and is fishing to see if you’ve been privy to anything new. Why call -you- though? What’s the connection between you and Morgan that other folks don’t have?

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    Everything feels too good to be true.

  • Thanks @bcbishop. I think you made the right choice, but I still can’t shake the feeling that there wasn’t much choice to begin with. I can only hope that an opportunity to go for the people in charge appears soon.

  • Thinking about what you said, what if there’s not really a choice at all? I mean, why is the OSDM letting us decide what to do? It’s possible that this is a false decision, and that they’ll do whatever they were planning to do from the start, only using our “decision” to get data out of us or guilt trip us. No matter what we decide, it’ll be the…[Read more]

  • I’ve had some thoughts since before the THEONE vote but I wasn’t as open with them as I should’ve been, so here goes again. Our existing data means very little in the grand scheme of things. No data? Start over and get more. Impeded by the shininigans of the LA group? Get unwitting people who are less rowdy to give them data. The body of the OSDM…[Read more]

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    I also didn’t get the call, but I’m overseas so that’s probably why. (Also, if I’m remembering correctly, the only person who has my number is Stacey.)

    This was mentioned on the Slack earlier, but if all our data was corrupted, why are our phone numbers being retained? SUS.

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    To the creators – thank you and everyone working with you for bringing this world to life. Looking forward to what’s coming next!

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    I’ve been thinking about the vulnerability, and have issues with the main contenders. Attacking the OSDM though us or our data won’t work. If we somehow succeed in wiping everything they have on us, they’ll just start winding the clock again with another group of unwitting victims who don’t fight back as easily.

    To take down the OSDM, we need to…[Read more]

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    Honestly, I’m tired of all this talk of factions. What’s the quote again? “A house divided cannot stand.” (Someone may have already brought it up, but it’s worth saying again.) OSDM supporters, Team Joyce, Team BOS. It’s all just winding the clock, isn’t it? It’s so easy to get caught up in our group drama and forget that at the end of the day,…[Read more]

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    … The fact that you landed back with the OSDM means they must be doing something right.

    Be careful with this kind of logic, Addison. Domestic abuse victims wind up back with their abusers more often than they should, but that doesn’t mean the abusers have anything genuinely good to offer.

  • If we are to take what Sabrina is saying at face value, the fact that she and Joyce were friends explains the earlier calls in which she guilt-tripped people over her friend’s death. When you lose someone you need an outlet for those feelings. Looks like Sabrina decided to blame the participants to get closure.

    Sabrina didn’t already know Otis…[Read more]

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    Giving Addison the benefit of the doubt, it does take at least 60 seconds to screenshot, upload to imgur, get the link and post. Asking for a minute isn’t out of the ordinary.

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    Addison’s text may not be asking for a yes or no answer, but with her reply Sabrina is agreeing to his proposal to work together. Perhaps the details of their arrangement will be discussed between them privately.

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    @kipsie Have you ever spoken with Sabrina on the phone before and would thus recognize her phone voice? Additionally, whose voice -would- you recognize should they call?

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