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    Well said @bcbishop, but I do have one thing I disagree on

    Anyone promoting The Experience would work for OSDM.

    I don’t think Morgan is wanting to go the same way the OSDM has been with Lust/The Experiences. I’m guessing we’ll be getting somewhat similar stuff with phone calls, dead drops, etc. But, ultimately, it’s probably going to be a…[Read more]

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    I called and the voice on the other line asked “Is this Chloe?” Said yes and then was asked “Do you know who I am?” The accent unfortunately didn’t register until he asked who else I knew that had an English accent. It was none other than our benevolent leader (that, of course, still calls me Chloe Cello) @111error. I’m going to make a list to…[Read more]

  • It makes sense for “Tom Barrow” to be the father. I’m not sure of any other “Master” that she really had since “Barrow” was the one that started the whole brainwashing process with her. I guess it would make sense (since he was sort of leading the Cult of Anoch during The System meeting last year) that she would want the leader of it, and the…[Read more]

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    Haven’t been here in a while, (my own fault :/ ) great to be back though!

  • Or could it like @daela mentioned in the Slack?

    At one, they collect footage of a harmless theatrical performance. At the other, the real shit goes down. And who’s to say which we attended, the theatrical version or the real version.

    Maybe one is supposed to be the “fake” theatrical version, darkly sexy and culty like the photos show, but…[Read more]

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    Gone for about a week…comes back to…

    I do love a nice warm hand upon my entrance.


  • I sincerely hope you aren’t going to do anything hugely reckless like a lot of us are thinking @111error, but ultimately, the choice is up to you. I haven’t been off BOS’s side since we first started with Midnight, and I won’t start now.

    I do hope that talking through your problems, and making your own version of a Noah vid, has helped. You…[Read more]

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    @russell definitely glad to hear you’re OK. From everything you’ve said, Mike seems like a good guy at the best of times. Right now is the worst. He doesn’t have to become a Mason 2.0 if those closest to him can figure out how to bring him back from it.

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    Finally have some time to get into the forums and literally WTF?!!?

    @mike you and @russell are the ones that got me interested and into all of this. Don’t make me regret it. You’re better than this and you know it.

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    “Think of me tonight when you sleep”? Ew.

    Dude may have bomb ass arms but he’s still a creeper.

  • Seems almost like a female version of Mason so far. Wonder if she’ll continue to follow a similar pattern and start disturbing phone calls to others like Mason? As @thegilded said, it all seems to be some sort of pattern. Maybe all the personnel in Briarberg act this way when they start getting into their “investigation”?

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    Did a little googling and found a couple things on new moons/full moons and spellwork or rituals.

    “The full moon provides the strongest power for invocations and spells. The full moon is an excellent time to cast your most powerful magick spells or any spells that may need a little extra power. To avoid a waning influence you should cast all…[Read more]

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    Wasn’t the whole relinquish control over to us/ODSM thing said by Horace a while back? How it would be easier for us just to let them decide everything for us and eat our high fructose corn syrup or something like that?

  • Dude may be f’d up to the extreme, but he does have a nice singing voice ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    @mkarrett, yep he is.

  • Exactly. That money had to come from somewhere. We’re learning where (and from whom) tonight.

  • Thanks @bcbishop, I really think you did the right thing here. These people have no clue of their involvement, as far as we know, they didn’t know the risk in getting a job there. All we can do now is see what happens next.

  • @daela, seeing how OSDM works, my guess would be that they would just automatically dissolve if something like that were to happen.

    I guess this answers the question some were asking of what would you choose if you knew what the consequence would be. Even knowing what I want to vote, it’s still going to be a difficult decision.

  • I know to some it’s going to sound like I’m victim blaming here, but here goes.

    These people knew what they were getting into. They knew OSDM was bad, they knew that when they joined, they knew that when they had a child, they knew that when they thought certain things would never happen. They knew what OSDM did and how they did it and what kin…[Read more]

  • “All human sin seems so much worse in its consequence than in its intentions.” – Reinhold Niebuhr

    I have a feeling that we’ll be seeing a lot of this now, this downgrading, I think we all knew that the consequences for our actions were going to be harsh. There are too many people, too many families even, involved in the OSDM (or whatever they eve…[Read more]

  • Late to the party, but didn’t get a call over here either. For those from Midnight, was it the same sounding voice as the one that made those calls?

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