• I think that we need to believe that this death is real, that he really killed her, and we need to let that have that gravity, otherwise nothing is serious in this world.

    This is the crux of everything, in my opinion. We’ve found it all too easy to dismiss consequences, stakes, and ramifications under the guise of “Hey gang, we’re all just…[Read more]

  • In Slack both @a and @111error are handholding everybody to find a deeper meaning in this, so here’s a shot:

    Sabrina is trying to split you from Morgan, Meghan. (“Why are you wrapped up in his antics” opens the call.) I took the “tell it to me like a 2 year old” as her calling you out for really having no idea what you and Morgan were “celebrat…[Read more]

  • I wonder if there’s anything she could do that would make the community turn against her.

    If “The One” has a real weakness, it is definitely this. An inability (or is it just a lack of interest?) to reconcile the very real differences between what we want to believe about certain people, and who they actually show themselves to be. And that’s n…[Read more]

  • Alt theory: As part of her HCDI duties, Joyce actually wrote the copy for these posters. It never came from Noah, because Noah was just playing a role in an OSDM initiative put together by his father.

  • Not to put too fine a point on it, but they’re only a “threat” if you oppose them.

    Just sayin.

  • @kortneydarling There’s always the option that it was totally a front. A group trying to desperately sell the idea of having pulled off some sort of super clever, far-reaching string-pulling in order to keep an increasingly noisy rank-and-file quiet.

    But hey, I’m just spitballing.

  • You know what I don’t care about anymore? Random, vague promises about REALLY scary things that are REALLY MESSED UP I PROMISE and ONE DAY we’ll learn about them.

    It Morgan wants to come in from the cold and actually be completely transparent, I’m sure we’d all love to hear from him and support him. I know I would. And frankly, that’s where I t…[Read more]

  • @mike’s post is hilarious, though I do think there’s a more charitable read: as things have have continued to not add up, Morgan has begun to believe that working with TPTB, and the blurred lines that resulted, are dangerous. Utilizing a No Caller ID number could be the first salvo in putting walls that had previously been destroyed back in pla…[Read more]

  • Given my impressions for our chat the other day, this doesn’t strike me as being about sides or loyalties as we’ve been thinking about. This is about personal stakes.


    He basically told Lauren he wanted out. And we know what happens to people that try to get out.

  • This is some real glitch in the Matrix kind of business. Was Mason part of an OOA-style fiction that is now being taken over by somebody new, and they reused one of the old “scripts” by accident?

    Is there an attempt to restore a backup of the deleted EI data happening – and is recreating a previous experience a sort of baseline reference tes…[Read more]

  • This is building off something @coryphella was saying in Slack, but I think this can also be read as evidence that Noah has been subtly manipulating people towards certain end goals.

    -Morgan took his story as a reinforcement of his BOS beliefs.

    -My story was (apparently?) The Big Bad Wolf, and could perhaps be seen as a nudge towards embracing…[Read more]

  • Pro-tip everyone! If you want to hide spoilers from the activity feed, just use brackets!

    This will show in the feed: Hi, everybody!

    This will not:

    Thus endeth today’s lesson.

  • Something about this call kept me up thinking way too late last night, and I was hoping everybody here might be able to help me figure it out.

    We all know how difficult it can sometimes be to contend with an unexpected phone call. We’re in the middle of a meeting, or it’s hard to hear, but we all do our best to convey what happened to the rest of…[Read more]

  • but @kevin, there are no walls.

  • At about 4:40PM today, I received a call. It was Morgan Rooms — aka @111error — aka the leader of BOS.

    Some quick background here that I do think is relevant. I have never been a supporter of the BOS mission, and that’s been hashed out on these boards many, many times over. I have, however, always remained supportive of my friends in BOS — i…[Read more]

  • Bryan Bishop replied to the topic Post from A in Slack in the forum SIGHTINGS 1 week, 1 day ago

    I’m just going to go for the darkest possible interpretation, as that seems like a pretty safe bet these days: It’s Remy. And this whole LUST Experience thing we’ve been taking part in? Plug is being pulled. Too much has been revealed recently that’s put too many behind the scenes entities at stake.

    If a Sabrina or a Mason or someone is out the…[Read more]

  • @candaceisstuck:

    I’m wondering if the Investors brought in Briarberg as competition to see which organization would bring them the results they wanted. Didn’t the Investors take over because they weren’t pleased with the results from Tension?

    WAAAAAAAAIT a second. Hold the phone. There is something really interesting here.

    Have we ever consi…[Read more]

  • This is picking up something that @chelsea touched upon above, but: have we ever definitively learned that the language about pledging oneself to their sacrifice and freedom was OSDM?

    I know I always assumed it was, particularly when Jacob was so, um, forceful about it at the iConfidant meeting. But tonight’s calls definitely seem to frame that i…[Read more]

  • Well.

    1. Lisa was the name of the ex-OSDM employee that Sabrina and I called, who had received $1 million. Same name. Same person? If so, this raises many questions. Mainly, was that call a con? Or has Lisa been flipped to Briarberg.

    2. “She asked if I approve of Sabrina giving Mason direct information.” Come again?

  • Thanks for this recap thread, @daela. I was AFK when this went down, so I appreciate you keeping everything in one place.

    In the interests of keeping everyone appraised, it looks like Mason also made another appearance last night in #general:

    Mason Silver – 11:56 PM
    @a come on man
    you have to have something better to do than delete my shit
    I’m…[Read more]

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