• Ethan posted an update 6 years, 1 month ago

    What have I missed so far? I didnt even realize that we had moved to the new site.

    • The forums were “spammed” last night at 7 which led us to Noah Sinclair. And there’s lots a speculation to what will happen after you email him and he gets back to us

    • A message was found in LUST site’s source code pointing to Feb. 15 7 pm. At that time a bunch of “spam” accounts posted links to Noah Sinclair’s website, where there was an email contact link. Noah’s a pretentious, cocky, rude asshole and his business model seems to be helping others become more like him in the guise of offering success in business, love, and life. Community members have already emailed the link, but no one’s received a reply yet.

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