• At last, Geoffrey has found his White Goddess….

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    @blondie — You are beautiful and wonderful, and I am so glad you shared this. <3 Thank you. Not only are you pretty, well-spoken, and did I say beautiful, all ready?–you're also full of love for poetry, which is one my first loves. I don't know what prompted you to read that, nor what was going on at the time (though I'd love your thoughts…[Read more]

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    Do not go gentle into that good night,
    Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
    Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

    Though wise men at their end know dark is right,
    Because their words had forked no lightning they
    Do not go gentle into that good night.

    Good men, the last wave by, crying how bright
    Their frail deeds might have danced…[Read more]

  • I went to sleep last night worried about Morgan–an entity whom I have met once and been told a great deal about. It doesn’t matter what’s said about him; he’s a person; there is a sense he’s in danger. While narratively it would make sense for him to “disappear” at this stage, there are enough people that actually care about this person that…[Read more]

  • Communication is an interesting thing.

    We use it to convey thoughts and ideas to others–to express our feelings, our desires, and our needs. But as the rest of the world knows today, communication can also be used to lie, manipulate, and destroy other people. There are words now like, “Fake News” and “don’t accept the new ‘normal’.” We begin…[Read more]

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    Did you eat the candy?
    Did you swallow the pill?
    Has it saved you, yet?
    Do you think it will?
    Has the end arrived?
    Did the beginning end?
    Are you my enemy,
    Or are you my friend?
    If we ask the questions
    Will the truth be found?
    Or is it all just lies
    Full of fury and sound?
    If tomorrow and tomorrow
    Creep on their petty pace
    Are we the turtles,
    Or…[Read more]

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    Does it matter if it’s real, or if it’s just a game?

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    Of gods and kings the ancients speak
    And warn us in their way;
    And we, mere mortals, fear and quake
    When these come forth to play.

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    Chasing images of the past,
    Certain that these moments are wasted,
    Enjoying the journey just the same….

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    You wait for the words–
    Grapes dried up and turned to raisins;
    Where is the wine that was meant to be?

  • Yeah…looking at the curls of the y’s makes for an interesting study.

    Also, the second “they” on the first one looks a bit like “may” as well.

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    Hmmm! How exciting! I’m looking forward to finding out what you all find at each of the store locations! *isn’t holding her breath, but is waiting*

  • Just as an aside, I really feel like the three posts that came before the last two numbers don’t seem to fit with the other numbered/shadowed tiles. The writing is …messy, and difficult to decipher, whereas the numbered/symboled/shadowed pieces seem easier to “read”. I feel as though those messily written pieces are a reply to the puzzle…[Read more]

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    Pieces coming together
    Creating more questions–
    What is the meaning?
    Is there only one?

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    You can walk in the shadows,
    Slay your gods,
    But the light will always find you
    And even the odds.

  • Welcome, @thedancinman. Glad to have you here with us. Feel free to ask questions. They’re useful. *grins*

    ~~ Jenni

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    These little things,
    Those words you said,
    They wind my thoughts,
    Unravel the thread…..

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    @rpearl — I’m so sorry to hear that you were ill before the MSE. As you can see, this is VERY late in coming, but…I had a pretty wild beginning to my new year and didn’t get a chance to write back here until …well, now. In either case, I hope you’re feeling wonderfully, now. And hopefully we’ll get to hang out sometime!

    To everyone else:…[Read more]

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    I ate the apple, poisoned my soul;
    Couldn’t resist the story you told;
    Now I’m here in the coffin
    Awaiting your kiss–
    Was it worth that sweet moment
    Of unbridled bliss?

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    One last thing:

    I feel guilty that I didn’t get a chance to help Jenna. Even if all of this was just a game–just an illusion, I wish I could have gotten her out–if nothing more than to assuage that need that she expressed. I know I didn’t really have a chance, but…I still wish I’d thought of it as I was being ushered out…something….…[Read more]

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