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  • Profile picture of Sage
    active 53 seconds ago
    - "@mychild, are you still here?"View
  • Profile picture of Kevin
    active 1 minute ago
  • Profile picture of Kortney
    active 1 minute ago
    - "Finish them"View
  • Profile picture of Chloe
    active 1 minute ago
    - "Are they editing updates now? What the actual heck?!"View
  • Profile picture of Bryan Bishop
    active 2 minutes ago
    - "Heading into a doc appt for the next hour or so. You know, should anybody need to reach me…"View
  • Profile picture of Sean
    active 3 minutes ago
    - "Sorry kids, my responses will be delayed for a few more days. I return from vacation this weekend"View
  • Profile picture of Crystal
    active 13 minutes ago
    - "Bringing me back to the BBS days with this slow ass transfer rate…"View
  • Profile picture of Mustafa Said
    active 13 minutes ago
    - "SAY SOMETHING USEFUL DAMN IT. STOP BEING SO CHAOTIC AND IRRATIONAL. go ahead and delete that. bitch."View
  • Profile picture of Cristen
    active 17 minutes ago
    - "“Everything’s going to be alright.”"View
  • Profile picture of Cara
    active 23 minutes ago
    - "Beauty and goodness are most definitely not synonymous."View
  • Profile picture of Lauren Bello
    active 27 minutes ago
    - "Kristin and Jacob lowering their eyes and bowing their heads before the Overseer takes me back…"View
  • Profile picture of Melissa
    active 31 minutes ago
    - "**peers in awkwardly** Hi guys."View
  • Profile picture of Lia
    active 37 minutes ago
  • Profile picture of Kyle
    active 39 minutes ago
    - "Looks like I took the wrong weekend off… time to catch up…"View
  • Profile picture of Megan
    active 44 minutes ago
    - "@theladyj: I love you. @mkarrett: I missed you."View
  • Profile picture of Chris
    active 50 minutes ago
    - "They’re keeping it in the family."View
  • Profile picture of Hannah Schenck
    active 51 minutes ago
  • Profile picture of Taylor Winters
    active 58 minutes ago
    - "Sushi Dan’s! @shinobi is a liar."View
  • Profile picture of Andrew Kasch
    active 58 minutes ago
    - "Tension 2.0 Mic Drop!"View
  • Profile picture of Yael
    active 1 hour, 8 minutes ago
  • Profile picture of Brad Ruwe
    active 1 hour, 19 minutes ago
    - "I pledge my desire for Stacey’s vision and chaos."View
  • Profile picture of Meghan Mayhem
    active 1 hour, 35 minutes ago
    - "5 spam calls on the burner phone in the last week. How does that even happen?? Noah, did your mischievous ass put me on a call list? 25 days until this thing runs out of service and I can be rid of it for good […]"View
  • Profile picture of Buz Wallick
    active 2 hours, 14 minutes ago
    - "I always knew there’d be another GKIII. Just thought we’d get more of a bite and less of a bark."View
  • Profile picture of superstar
    active 3 hours, 3 minutes ago
    - "Mint-chip, Joyce? You know the way to a skeptic’s heart."View

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