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  • Profile picture of Bryan
    active 43 minutes ago
    - "Looks like I picked the wrong time to stop sniffing glue. (Or walk away from the computer.)"View
  • Profile picture of Scot
    active 7 minutes ago
  • Profile picture of Nicholas Statheros
    active 1 hour, 14 minutes ago
    - "I wonder why I never received an email that the game had started,I did put my email on that old website lol."View
  • Profile picture of 111error
    active 1 hour, 47 minutes ago
  • Profile picture of Max Z
    active 1 hour, 47 minutes ago
    - "Well that Noah sure is a sparkplug. Feel a little bad for Sarah. Imagine having to deal with someone so erratic on a day to day basis."View
  • Profile picture of Lenize
    active 2 hours, 4 minutes ago
    - "Thanks to whatever mod person got rid of that spam!!!"View
  • Profile picture of Taylor Winters
    active 2 hours, 9 minutes ago
    - "The Truth has been told."View
  • Profile picture of Meghan
    active 2 hours, 15 minutes ago
    - "Gee, it sure would be nice if this forum was actually used for LUST. Oh well. Silly me."View
  • Profile picture of Jackie
    active 2 hours, 17 minutes ago
  • Profile picture of Will Taylor
    active 2 hours, 27 minutes ago
  • Profile picture of Maxwell R
    active 2 hours, 33 minutes ago
    - "I wonder how many bodies were found in the walls of the compound after it burned down."View
  • Profile picture of Brad Ruwe
    active 3 hours, 6 minutes ago
    - "All the talk of A.I. today got me listening to the Tron Legacy soundtrack. Or as I’m not calling it, “Music to iConfide to”"View
  • Profile picture of Buz Wallick
    active 3 hours, 7 minutes ago
    - "5/1/17. Less than a week away."View
  • Profile picture of Candace
    active 3 hours, 20 minutes ago
    - "GUYS I JUST GOT APPROVED TO VOLUNTEER AT COMIC CON!!! 😭🎉😄 who else will be there??"View
  • Profile picture of Kyle
    active 3 hours, 35 minutes ago
    - "Not so lazy Sunday. MS Walk and bingo! Anyone else have anything interesting going on?"View
  • Profile picture of Lia
    active 3 hours, 37 minutes ago
    - "Who’s willing to bleed tic tacs?"View
  • Profile picture of Shaun
    active 3 hours, 44 minutes ago
    - "Noah Sinclair reminds me of Matthew McConaughey if he was a wrestler."View
  • Profile picture of Tom Hite
    active 3 hours, 58 minutes ago
    - "“No one told you when to run; you missed the starting gun…”"View
  • Profile picture of Maranda (@Izryn)
    active 3 hours, 59 minutes ago
    - "It’s eerily quiet around here today."View
  • Profile picture of Kevin
    active 4 hours, 3 minutes ago
    - "I’ve got a new topic prepped with some info on this, do we want a new one or keeping it in the ‘Call from Macy!!’ thread?"View
  • Profile picture of Chris
    active 4 hours, 12 minutes ago
    - "People should be following @electrichippo, @pandace88, or @hazelverse on periscope if you aren’t."View
  • Profile picture of Alasdair
    active 4 hours, 12 minutes ago
  • Profile picture of Lawrence Meyers
    active 4 hours, 13 minutes ago
    - "The truth is a lie agreed upon."View
  • Profile picture of Sean
    active 4 hours, 24 minutes ago
    - "“You can’t save your Sadie” -A wise woman"View

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