Who's Holding the Whip?

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    So I’ve been thinking about the thankfully brief departure of @coryphella, and I have a bit of a theory.

    We don’t know exactly what happened between them, but based on their interaction in Slack yesterday (when Mason was in control of the “@a” account,) Megan clearly has some kind of tacit agreement with Mason that is at the very least, preventing her from providing details about their conversation.

    Knowing at least that, it seems like there has been a shift in control from Megan herself to Mason. That is to say, he is calling the shots as it comes to her experience, at least for now. It sounds familiar…like from when Noah called her in Scotland and asked her whether she was holding the whip, or not. She responded that she had the whip, but wanted to drop it. She admitted that she wanted to release control; inadvertently foreshadowing what would come next. I think Mason’s stepped in and taken advantage of that.

    She dropped the whip. Dropped control. And Mason, through an obvious effort, picked it up.

    So what does this perceived control over Megan mean for her, and is there anything we can do? And what will Mason do next?

    Joyce said he’s always been the smart one. This ability of his to manipulate a situation genuinely terrifies me.

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     Lawrence Meyers 

    It should. I know this sounds crazy coming from me, but there are no more theories to be had.

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     Brad Ruwe 

    Holy crap…. you may be absolutely right here.

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    Not to cast aspersions, but perhaps the whole point is that she indeed “wanted to drop it,” and while Mason may be in control, it is an entirely consensual control where Megan has willingly aligned with Mason. When she returned to Slack yesterday, I got no impression that she had changed in any way. She wasn’t oddly robotic like Andy in his last post here, she wasn’t scared and evasive like Stephanie, confused like Otis. She was entirely herself, seeming almost blasé about her return and uninterested in filling anyone in. No big deal. And even her assurance to Mason that she was keeping his confidence felt more like an equal telling him to chill rather than a submissive trying to please a master. It very well may be that whatever happened that night will have no greater bearing on future events. What if it’s as simple as Mason showing up on her doorstep, crying as he asked her to run away with him and be mother to his child, and she just flat out turned him down? Agreeing to refuse to talk about it with others to spare his feelings and reputation at his request. I know it’s probably not as simple as that, but we’ve seen a lot of people fall under the thumb of someone from the OSDM against their will. Sabrina, Otis, Stacey, Macey, Andy, Stephanie, Joyce… this doesn’t feel like that. Who knows, maybe by relinquishing the whip Megan may now hold more power than any of us realize.

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    @macbethinabathtub that’s a fair counter. I just want to highlight that the calling regularly, showing attention/affection, then withholding it/transferring it to another, is often a very affective manipulation technique for evil fuckers like Mason. She wanted to give up control, publicly said so, and Mason reads EVERYTHING. So yes, Megan consented to dropping the whip, Mason stepped in, and thus wrong kind of person has picked it up.

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    @macbethinabathtub – unfortunately I’m not going to directly address anything you say, except that…I’m not sure you’ve been following along.

    I have started and then deleted about 17 posts today about the past two weeks and just given up. He’s told me he’s not done with me but I know nothing about what that means – no dates no specifics no is he calling tonight or next week or next month no nothing. That’s the point. I just reread this post five times to make sure I didn’t say anything in it that I’m not supposed to say.

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    @macbethinabathtub Giving up control and willingly aligning with someone are two entirely different things.

    Have you ever been in a truly submissive relationship? Not looking in from the outside, not watching one be played out on screen? To have someone completely own you in a way that is outside of yourself? One cannot judge @coryphella without knowing what she is going through and went through. You are making assumptions based on how she was acting on Slack. An app that doesn’t show her face in real time, not the sound of her voice, not tone. It’s a texting app that gives you nothing but words and expressions on a screen. I could be typing away right now with a gun pointed to my head or be drowning in my own tears and you would never be one the wiser. I don’t think it’s fair to judge her on her behavior in Slack.


    regularly, showing attention/affection, then withholding it/transferring it to another, is often a very affective manipulation technique

    You are right on point with this. And, it is so easy to find yourself falling into this type of manipulation even when you know it’s happening. Many cannot understand it unless they’ve experienced it.

    Sometimes we never know the type of person we are handing the whip to until it’s too late.

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    I don’t believe he owns me.
    I just want to say that.
    Thank you.

    (Otherwise yes what Michelle said)

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