Who is Stacey, really?

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     Brad Ruwe 

    Going off of @daela‘s post regarding Michelle, figured I’d make a similar one regarding Stacey. I feel like she may be the key to a lot of the current happenings with BOS. She is the brains behind MyChild after all. I’ve been feeling more and more curious of her as of late and wanted to bounce a question off the community. Mainly, is “Stacey” really Stacey, or is she just another actress from the OSDM playing a role?

    So the key to my suspicions comes down to her introduction to us through iConfidant. With so much of what we’ve been shown in the past turning out to be OSDM fiction, we now have to wonder if iConfidant and MyChild are real, or if they’re another one of OSDM’s fictions. It’s entirely possible iConfidant and Stacey are real, that OSDM hired out this company in order to bring in more information on us and to create the code to help them replace certain people. If this is true, then we have no reason to be wary of Stacey and MyChild’s legitimacy. It would make sense then for Stacey to be working with Morgan to bring down the OSDM, seeing how she was removed from the project and had her work taken from her.

    BUT, unfortunately we do have to question what’s real V fiction now. If iConfidant was an OSDM plot-line from the very beginning, then Stacey herself is just another character played by an actress. And if THAT’S true, then MyChild is nothing more than the work of a writer. Meaning one of Morgan’s most powerful weapons is a farce. Sadly if this is the case, then Morgan is being manipulated by the OSDM to think he has more power than he actually has. It would be a great strategy to keep him focused on a fake tool they control instead of him focusing on gaining real power.

    Now I asked Morgan about MyChild and Stacey and if they’re real or just another OSDM plot at the 805 event. He told me he’s seen what MyChild is capable of. Based on what he’s told me, at the very least I believe he THINKS MyChild and Stacey are the real deal. Whether or not he’s correct, we don’t know. I’d love to meet with Stacey and talk with her about how she started iConfidant and what exactly went into the programming of MyChild. Unfortunately if she’s really Stacey she’d be incredibly busy working on her code and on taking down the OSDM. And if she’s just an actress they’d probably keep me from asking those questions of her.

    I guess we’ll have a better idea whenever “MyChild” starts flexing its supposed muscles.

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    As @bcbishop pointed out in Slack, when Stacey came in that night and asked if Morgan was ready, he responded with “I’ve been waiting.” She also referred to him as “our leader” earlier, but waiting for Stacey to be ready seems incredibly suspicious to me. The system we saw the other night wasn’t that complex. It wasn’t complicated. It couldn’t even give us the info that it apparently wants us to have. I keep thinking about how Stacey went quiet when MyChild started up. I can’t seem to get the image of Stacey behind a computer editing posts and pretending to be an intelligent system to keep the OSDM afraid. But then, what would they be afraid of? And maybe this comes down to the question we voted on. Afraid of the system exposing them? Afraid of it locking them out of their data? Afraid of them altering the data and making it scientifically useless? The validity of MyChild isn’t nearly as interesting as WHY we are to think the OSDM is afraid of it.

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